Buying the book!

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READ THE WHOLE THING! There is a surprise at the end! :D skdjaknsdjis THE BOOK IS NOW LIVE ON AMAZON!!! The links are on my blog :D (that's right, I used the big smiley face!) my publisher is super impressed with how supportive you've all been! So they're lowering the price of the book for the launch!! That's freaking awesome! You Fireflies make me want to cry sometimes with how awesome you all are! If you all buy the book at 2pm EST then there's a good chance the book will get big and maybe just maybe become a movie!! Lol how awesome would that be?! Gah!!! I can't wait for the countdown to reach 00.00.00!!! Oh and if you guys do buy the book please leave a review? Good or bad I want your honest opinion!
Surprise time! If you do leave a review you can have your names at the back of the book!! Go fireflies! My publisher will update the book before it changes price so you gotta leave a review! Love you all and thank you so much for everything!!!

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