Chapter 9

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The doorbell rang and I sprang up from my computer desk to answer it.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"An evil squid overlord coming to take over the world!"

"I'm sorry, but I will not let you in if you're going to take over the world!"

"Hi-ya! Boom boom pow! I have defeated you squid overlord! Hey Amy I'm here!" Adam exclaimed.

I opened the door.

"Hey, where are the other guys?" I asked.

"They should get here soon, unless the evil squid overlord got to them too!" Adam joked.

"Oh no!" I giggled.

"Come on in, dude." I said.

He walked in, and I gave him the tour.

"There is the bathroom, that's the kitchen, and here is my recording room." I said,  pointing to different parts of the first floor.

"Whoa, cool recording set up!" Adam said.


Then I heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"The deadest of the locks and the huskiest of the mudkipz and the asf of the Jerome and the bajan of the Canadian here!"

I opened the door to see everyone standing there.

"Come on guys, I promised my fans I'd be on by noon, and it's 11:55. I gotta set up!" I exclaimed.

I frantically got all of my equipment I into place. I got to the website and had everyone hide under the desk. I got into an omegle thing and hit record and sat back in my desk chair, leaning back with my arms crossed.

"OMG! It's really you! Where are the others you said would be..." The fan girl started.

Adam popped his head up.

"Yass!" She exclaimed.

Then Ty came up.


Then the rest of them popped up and the fan girl was grinning from ear to ear.

"All of them! All of them together in one room!" She exclaimed.

"Thank you for being a loyal fan to all of us!" I exclaimed.

"No, thank you for being awesome!" She exclaimed.

She showed us some fan art she drew, and she said she was planning to send it to me.

"Thank you!" We all shouted, and then ended the call. We made so many omegle calls that day, and it was so fun being with all of my friends. At the beginning of some omegle conversations, Jerome and Adam were pretend arguing about who ate the last cookie, and one time we all had donkey masks on besides Adam who was petting us and saying,

"Who's a good little pony!"

I had such a good time, and when they all left, I laid down on my bed and whispered,

"Best... day... EVER..." And then dozed off for a short little nap.

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