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Lisa became an orphan when parents died in car crash when she was 4 years old, and was separated from her brother as they both went into different foster homes.

The foster home Lisa stayed at was ok, but she wouldn't call a home, nor call the married couple her parents. It's like Lisa grew up with strangers that just fed her to keep her alive.

Lisa was a sweet girl, but her foster parents were the mean type of people that doesn't care about their kids. So when Lisa turned 18 and moved out, they didn't spare a second glance at her. Sometimes she wonder why they even adopted her. Probably to get the government support.

She didn't have any money to go to college, so a job at a small coffee job was all she could get. But luck never seemed to be on her side. After being fired from her minimum waged job after working there for only 3 weeks, she had nowhere to go because she promised her landlord to pay the rent today.

She begged the landlord to give her a little more time, but the middle aged fat bastard offered her a deal with her body that she couldn't accept. So now she had now where to go without any of her stuff because 'everything in that room was now his because it's not her room now including everything with it'.

Now Lisa was just wandering in the streets.

It started to rain, souring Lisa's mood even more. She was usually a cheerful girl, but everything that was happening to her right now was just deemed to tiring and unfair. All she wanted and did, was sit down on a ledge at the park, hugged her knees and cry her heart out in the rain.

She was never one to complain with the life she had, the way she lived. Because ever since she lost all her family members, her loved ones, she realized how much of a blessing it was just to be alive in this world. At least she was here, she had a life.

But that didn't mean it was fair. All she ever wanted was to live a proper life with the people she loved, but everything she ever wanted seemed to be moving against her.

For the first time since the accident Lisa now thought, why? Without knowing who or what she was asking herself

She was not desperate anymore. Because to be desperate there needed to be even a strand of hope, but she couldn't find that strand now. A girl like Lisa, sweet, kind, and an absolute precious being that deserved everything you would think she's favoured by god. But it would be hard to believe now looking at her.

Or maybe not?

She didn't know how long she stayed like that. She didn't even bother to notice that the rain got harder, she just listened to the heavy splattering rain that's starting wash off the dried up tears on her face.

Lisa only lifted her head when she felt a presence in front of her.

Lisa saw a woman, along with a man in a black formal suit and tie and white gloves holding an umbrella over her, leaving himself exposed to the heavy rain.

Without even looking at the women properly you could tell she was one with her composure in tact.

Lisa was honestly a little scared, because she took a peek and the woman in front of her didn't exactly give off a friendly vibe. So she looked down and neither of them said anything. The three of them just stood there.

Lisa just wanted to be alone right now, and she didn't know what the woman wanted

The silence continued for a few seconds before Lisa heard, "come with me" from the woman above her.

It wasn't a question, nor a statement but a demand. This made Lisa look up again, and this time she met eyes with the dark haired woman in front of her, and she was stunned.

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