Recovery and Reunion

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Kagome's P.O.V.

     When I came to, I was clueless about what had happened. I began to look around only to see Inuyasha run over and tell me to go back to sleep.

     When I awoke I was in the village with a wet washcloth on my forehead. Everyone was standing around me and staring waiting for me to awaken from my sleep. Inuyasha was the first to speak. "Kagome, how are you feeling? Feeling any better from before? When you were revived the only thing you didwas sleep without saying hardly anything to anyone."   "Revived? What do you mean? What happened to me? Last I remember I was hiding in the cave. How did I get here?" "I'll explain it all later. For now just continue to rest." I smiled at him and said, "Ok. Thanks for looking after me." Then I drifted off to sleep.

     When I woke again, the only person left in the room was Inuyasha. "What happened to me? My head is killing me. I feel really sick." "That's to be expected." Inuyasha replied. "You've lost alot of blood and hit your head pretty hard when you fell." "What do you mean when I fell? What happened to me?" "I came to get you from the cave and you tripped and landed on your arrow bag. I took you in and patched you up. Then you tried to run away again and re-opened your wound." I tried to get up. "You shouldn't move around too much, Kagome. You'll open your wound again and you're still too weak after all that blood loss. "I'll be fine. But please...." I hesitated. "Please what? Inuyasha replied.

     I continued to hesitate but eventually, words finally formed on my lips. "Please. I know you don't want to be with me right now. Go find Kikyo. You love her. Don't you?"

     Inuyasha blushed a little at my question then hesitated before answering. When he spoke his voice was soft and his words baffled me. "I do but, Kagome..." he paused for a few seconds. The seconds felt more like hours. "I love you more. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. Kagome, you are the only one that matters now."


Authors note: Sorry I took so long to update. I got distracted with the class change at the end of the semester. Thanks everyone for votin and reading. See you soon.

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