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One Shots:

When You're Gone by mrtajtheswagmaster

Baby You'd Be Saving Mine by niallersgirl139

Hold All Our Secrets by niallersgirl139

Love You Forever by snowdaisy

One Shot Collections:

Arguments by pxnkidiots

1D One Shots by snogboxandahalf

Popular Narry Stories:

Steps to his heart by theblueinhiseyes

High by shipments

Take Care by WriteIdea

Love At First Sight by ForeverUnited93

Up and Coming Narry Stories: by Jake5SOSMalik

Masquerade by livinginstyles

Astriction by tryptopatz

Mend Your Broken Heart by BeautifulNostalgia

Undiscovered Narry Stories:

Chances by Sad_Serenade01

Home by SweaterWeather24

Worth More Than Gold by -stylan-

The regular by narrys_tatts_

Lirry Stories:

The Spark by -stylan-

BoyxBoy Stories:

(phan) Fic by DemiLover92

Bite Me by Boo_Bear_Louis

Cranium by kixmic

Bandit by kixmic

Lilo Stories:

The One That Got Away by Jessix33

Live While We're Young by stylesplus

Popular Ziam Stories:

Safe Haven by zayniepaynie

Daemonum Attractionem by LiamJMalik

Undiscovered Ziam Stories:

2am texting by xhappilyalive

Popular Multiple Bromances:

Saturday Detentions by eskimuke

Taken Care Of by Let_zarry_be

Voodoo Doll by BubblyButton

Undiscovered Multiple Bromances:

Protecting Niall by Colleenolleen

The Earth and the Sky by The_Bromance_Library

Just Be Mines by MusicChild13

Stubby Little Toes and a Snotty Little Nose by Cats_Of_Humanity

How To Kill A Nightingale by Leon_Paladin07

Breaking The Law by Tia_The_Dreamer

Zarry Stories:

Breathe With Me by ItsZaynAndhaRRY

Condom by Akshaya_1Dlover

Let Me In by zarryslovebites

Bite Me by lavaalampss

His Cage by btwzarry

Chains, Whips, and Roses by LiamJMalik

Popular Lashton Stories:

conversations by irwincouture

Over and Over by myhellismymind

You Make Me Sick by SS_Larry98

Up and Coming Lashton Stories:

Hostage by eskimuke

Stalker by pxnkidiots

Skater Boy by Lashton_Narry

Opposite attracts by FiftyShadesOfStyles

One Drunken Mistake by LarryAndLashtonBruh

One Unforgiven Mistake by LarryAndLashtonBruh

Undiscovered Lashton Stories:

The Secret We Share by RinlovesLashton

Hurt by mrtajtheswagmaster

Tell Us A Story by cheyannaa14

Muke Stories:

white by psychomuke

99 Days by mukedayparade

zero by 5secondsofjenna

Bruised by LiamReedus

Cake Stories:

You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat it too by CakeAndMoi

Heylo by 1DForeverYoung1D

Malum Stories:

Trouble by lashtongiggles

Mashton Stories:

Notes by hearthemmo

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