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Rose heard a knock downstairs and went to get it. She saw her mom and another random guy with Rue in the living room.

"Rue! I haven't seen you in a long time. Are you good!?"

Rosita stared from upstairs looking down at them. She loved her mom, she really does but sometimes she always likes to butt into peoples business that isn't hers.

Rose was wearing a blue cheetah girls inspired tracksuit. She felt like a baddie, she got all her stuff and finally went downstairs.

Rosita grabbed Rue's wrist and quickly left the house.

"Byee! We will be back really late!," she screamed out before then headed over to Jules place.

"Wow. Um..."

Rue looked at Jules wearing an angel costume.

"You look... fucking amazing."

Jules laughed at the girl then said, "Thank you. I don't really feel it, but... you know."

"Um, you smell like alcohol," Rosie stated.

"Uh, I mean, it's Halloween, right?" Jules left the girls in front of the door and then they headed to the party.

They got to the party and Rosita went straight
to outside to find Fez.

She was met with an empty couch and bottles of vodka. Rose sat down and took some drinks.

30 minutes later Fez sat next to the buzzed girl.

"Hey ma, you look very pretty." he said to her, she grabbed his face and gave him a kiss.

Fez was confused but she was drunk so he didn't mind. "Life has been so great, I don't want it to stop being great," she said taking another shot.

He grabbed the drink away from her and gave her some water.

"You seem so happy Rose."

"I am happy!," she screamed out, jumping into Fezco's lap.

He held onto her giving her kisses all over her face.

He stopped when Rue sat next to the couple.

"Y'all are cute." Rue bluntly said.

Rosita laughed then left to the kitchen for the duo to talk.

She got some more to drink then she saw Lexi chilling and she grabbed her to dance.

They dance for a while, then they saw Rue ran out the house, Lexi went after her but Rosita stayed.

Rosita kept dancing then went to kitchen again to see Nate with Maddy in his arms. "When did he come back."

Lexi stared at her, "Just now I guess."


She checked her from to see a message from Nate, (Talk to me in one of the rooms)

Rose stared at him for a while then left to go to the room to meet him.

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