Part 15

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Just when I was beginning to love him back. The amount of hatred I now feel for him is beyond. I try to slip through the door while they continue to kiss. Jameson pulls back from their kiss and goes to grab my hand, to pull me back into the room.

"Let me go!" I yell at him. My eyes dark from anger. I pull my hand out of his grasp and go to Vanessa's room. She is laying in her bed while scrolling through her phone. "Can I lay with you?" I ask her and she looks up at me with confusion.

"First! Go get some pajamas from my closet. Then you have to tell me what's going." She says while turning on her lamp. I walk into her closet and pull out a random t-shirt and some fluffy pj pants. I come out of her closet and get in the bed next to her. We face each other and a tear begins to form in my eye and I wipe it away quickly. She puts my hair behind my ear before wiping underneath both of my eyes.

"I caught him kissing that girl from the club. He didn't pull back until I left." I tell her and she sighs.

"I thought he would be off his playboy shit once he found his mate." She says before sighing one more time. "Do you want me to talk to him?" She asks while looking at me with pity.

"Fuck no!" I say, a little louder than expected. I immediately started thinking about my old life. My old friends and dinner with my family, every Sunday. I wanted that back. I never wanted this. Once I start to get used to living here, James goes and fucks it up. "Do you want to come with me to my old house?" I ask Vanessa and she smiles.

"Hell yes!" She says and I smirk.

"We have to, like, sneak out of here though." I tell her and she nods.

"It's gonna be easy. James has a meeting tomorrow." She says and I smile. I miss my family and friends. "Get some sleep." She tells me before turning around in the bed. I turn around as well and try my best to go to sleep but my mind keeps wandering to James.


It's morning time and my mind feels glossy. James goes to work at 5:30AM so we are free to leave until he takes his lunch break. I get up and stretch my arms up. Vanessa is still fast asleep. All of my clothes are in his room but he shouldn't be in there. I am kind of disappointed that he didn't even try to come get me, I wonder what happened when I left the room.

They didn't sleep together or else I would have felt pain. I get up and quietly walk down the hall till I reach his door. I slowly open it and walk into his closet. I grab a bunch of random pants and shirts for the trip with my Vanessa. I grab a few dresses too before walking out of the room, down the hall, and back to Vanessa's bedroom. She is up and taking a shower so I take that as an opportunity to change into my regular clothes.

 She is up and taking a shower so I take that as an opportunity to change into my regular clothes

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I walk out of the room again to my old room. I walk in and see my suitcase sitting on the bed. I grab it and walk out the room. I am greeted with a very confused Gabriella. "Are you leaving?!" She asks very loudly. I tell her to shush before I decide to respond.

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