Kurtz Bryer

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Kurtz Bryer is one of the main characters in the story When The Moon Rises

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Kurtz Bryer is one of the main characters in the story When The Moon Rises.

He was born on 20/08/1992, and introduced in the first chapter, as the partying neighbor of Nicole. Kurtz is the son of Melissa and Bruce Bryer, two Tidepeak millionaires. His father owns Bryer Canning Corporations.

Kurtz is not very involved in his father's business and enjoys surfing in the summer at Aurora's beach. His relationship with his parents is great. Kurtz is seen as a good influence by Tidepeak's parents, as he was the quarterback at Tidepeak High School.


Although in his early episodes he was described as a chill and soft guy, it is revealed that he got anger issues after he inherited werewolf genes. This caused him to develop anger and stress problems during some episodes.

He caused a big fight in chapter twenty-two just because he was in the mood.

Kurtz proved to be a great friend to Johnny, offering his house to his friend when he needed it. Kurtz's relationship with Nicole is shown to be very romantic, making him a charitable and loving guy.


Kurtz is a blond boy with long hair. He has green eyes and is described as a strong guy. He wears beach clothes and tank tops. He is described several times as a surfer, or a hippie.

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