5// Derek

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She hit me! The crazy gorgeous woman actually punched me in the face. I mean for fucks sake; I mean who hits a stranger without asking questions first. It's not like I was trying to sneak up on her, I saw her pull up and I was curious who the hell was on my property.

What I didn't expect to find, was a beautiful smart-mouth woman, staring at me the same way I was probably staring at her.

Tori that's her name....her long ash blonde hair, bright blue eyes that reminds me of the ocean, curves in all the right places, I was not prepared to meet someone like her at all, let alone on my front drive.

But you know what it doesn't even matter, she looks like she comes from a big city, small life isn't for someone like her.

And she's just my sort of neighbor, more than likely that chick will be gone in a week, and I can forget I ever got punched in the face by a little vixen beauty.

Snapping out of my thoughts and stormed through the front door, letting it slam shut behind me, my thoughts still on Tori for some reason.

"Whoa! Bro-;" Deacon started to say as his eyes lock on me, just as he stops in his tracks, cracks his eyebrow up, and looked at my face confused,

"Derek what happened to your eye?" he asks me, shaking my head and headed towards the freezer, ignoring his questions, and grabbed some frozen peas and placed it on my eye.

Damn, that woman might be small, but she sure as hell packs a mighty punch.

"So, about the face? Who was stupid enough to hit a cop, and also mess up your pretty-boy face?" He mocked, throwing him a dirty look, and placed the peas down on the countertop.

"She didn't even know I was a cop..." I mumbled annoyedly, Deacon's ears perked up and he let out a high pitch mocking laugh.

"Now I understand, why your boxers are in a twist, it's because of a woman" He stuttered out through laughs, fighting the urge to throw the peas at his stupid head.

"I never thought I would ever see this day again, when Derek Henderson, gets flustered over a woman"

"Shut up!" I snapped and then walked past him and back into the living room, and right up to Daisy travel-cot, checking on her while she has her afternoon nap. Looking down at my daughter, my heart fills with more love every day.

"Spill it then, who's the girl?" Deacon asks me, coming up behind me.

Pulling my eyes away from Daisy and back to him, I might as well just tell him, he won't shut up until I do, and he's already giving me a headache.

"Her name is Tori and apparently she is our new neighbor"

Deacon raises his eyebrow in curiosity, "Is she hot?"

Without thinking I reach out and smacked him around the head and looked at him with a warning.

"Don't even think about D, I know what you're like with women" I growled out. He looks at me and holds his hands up in surrender,

"It was just a question, I wasn't going to do anything. And what do you mean with that women comment?" Shaking my head and looked at him.

I love my brother but he's young which means he doesn't do relationships, he never has. He takes a girl out, sleeps with her, and then that's the end of that story.

And he's a big flirt, women love him, and they are always hoping for more from him, but Deacon will never fall in love.

And we don't need our new neighbour hating us, because my brother is a man-whore, I don't need the chaos or the damn drama and that's what will happen.

"Forget it, just stay away from Tori okay" I sighed tiredly,

"Oh, I get it, bro, no worries" he replies with a teasing tone, moving my glaze back to him and looked at him confused.

"Whatever your thinking Deacon, don't" I snap and then walked away form him, pissed off at this conversation and needing some fresh air.

"I see the start of a beautiful love story for you bro" I hear him shout from behind me, followed by his stupid laughter.

Stopping in my tracks and turned on my heels to face him, flipping him off in the processes,

"Fuck you!"

Deacon only laughs harder and then wonders off. Shaking my head and doing my best to rein in my annoyance, love story my ass.

The only thing Tori, is going to be is trouble, I can feel it.

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