Johnathan "Johnny" Romani

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Johnathan Romani is one of the main characters in the story When The Moon Rises

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Johnathan Romani is one of the main characters in the story When The Moon Rises.

Johnathan "Johnny" Romani was Nathaniel's complete opposite, he had sea-blue eyes, night-black hair, and an eyebrow scar.

He was born on 08/12/1992 in Tidepeak and introduced in the first chapter, where he meets Nicole at Kurtz's party.

Johnathan has lived in Tidepeak since he was born. He had a great relationship with his parents. He loved to play football with his father Giuseppe until he disappeared without explanation.

Johnny's life continued, but after his mother married Mason De Santos, a dangerous and abusive man, he stopped being a little boy and became indentured to survive. 

He was the king of the school, an important player of the football team, and considered a bad influence by the majority. Despite being the smartest in the class, he let Nate have that title because he liked to demonstrate that he could get through school and partying every weekend without studying.

Johnathan almost never stays in his home because of his constant fear of his stepfather's hurting his mother. He has always lived in the home of his best friends Kurtz Bryer and Nathaniel Fitzgerald. He is very popular at Tidepeak High, being described as one of the best players on the team.


Johnathan is arrogant in his early chapters, but he shows a good heart. He's very spontaneous and direct.

He is an extrovert and loves to party with his friends. Johnny always gets along with the girls because of his enormous charm. Johnny acts as much for a reason as he acts for emotion. Because of his stepfather's abuses, he dismantles a lack of confidence in himself and is an anxious person.


Johnathan is a boy with black hair like the night, blue eyes, and has a beautiful face according to Nina. Nicole comments that he is the most beautiful boy she has ever seen.

The boy has a scar on his left eyebrow from when he fought with his stepfather when he was twelve years old.

Although he is handsome, he doesn't care much for his looks when he is sad or hungover, leaving his hair messy and wearing the same jacket he always wears. Despite this, the boy wears darker clothes, like leather jackets and black shirts.

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