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Oreola is occupying the Vybe Reinforcement Lounge sponsored by -BByWing- on the 3rd floor of the Kulture District. She's curled up in one corner of the couch, waiting for the rest of Project DOM to join her so they can go over the details of Mystery Death 04 and try to piece this bitch of a season together.

She's scrolling, idly hoping/wondering if Truuuly might have mentioned or hinted at or alluded to their meeting in any way whatsoever. This is not the case, but it doesn't diminish the lingering buzz Oreola still feels from the interaction. The idea of possibly graduating early, of working directly for Truuuly as an in-house investigator? There is suddenly a real path for her, something unique yet built directly from the actions and behaviors that comprise her brand. Just the way it's supposed to happen.

Convinced that Truuuly is not going to mention their meeting at all, Oreola realizes she has investigated this possibility more forensically than anything else recently, which is a reminder that she might as well dig into the details of MD04 on her own while she waits. So:

Mystery Death 04: a rando named SarayaNumber4Jillion, ~20k followers. Again, no footage of the actual death, just her suddenly being dragged down to the ground for her body to be left behind in horrifying, bloody wreckage.

Some additionally odd things this time though: SarayaNumber4Jillion was not a student at the Academy. She was on campus to meet a friend, a first year named Lel_H. And technically she wasn't in a campus building, but was killed on the walkway that leads between the main campus and the Faithephylline Building. Otherwise her scene looks very similar to the other scenes this season. Similar but not similar.

So there's that. But.

The weirder, worse thing that Maliquent hadn't mentioned when he sent along his initial notes last night: all the people at the crime scene protesting Oreola and Project DOM's continued involvement in this season. Someone designed shirts that say NOoooreola, which, OK, good job. A few teams holding up signs along the viewing line. It looks like mostly underclass teams. It's hard to tell how seriously anyone is taking their anger about this. Are they genuinely still annoyed/threatened by Oreola's presence at MD02 or have they given up on trying to be useful in solving the season's mystery and are just looking for other ways to get themselves noticed. In any case it's weird, annoying. In a few videos she can see people yelling comments at Maliquent while he waits in line. He smiles and holds his arms out like Do you see Oreola here? Not exactly defending her but not exactly pushing back, either. Is it weird or good that Maliquent didn't mention any of this when he called her & Dorkidoria last night to check in and get them caught up.

She swipes it away, fast forwards to the crime scene photos. SarayaNumber4Jillion's body still in one piece, mostly, but almost like she was turned inside out. Limbs barely hanging on to the body. Still very bloody, still very gross. Still a blank space at the center of the mystery where the monster should be. At this point in a season with this many deaths there's usually so much more to work with. So they're missing something.

Her screen would say: 

Her screen would say: 

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