chapter 10~ america

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* 1 week later *

I was now in america I just wasnt completely sure why. All I know was I was avoid alfie so I packed my bags and left.

I dont know how long ill be here but it will be a while.

Now were to go.........

Joeys no he's in the uk

Shanes no he's in the UK to

Tylers no

Troyes no

Connor yes

I guess I was now on my way to connors. I hope hes in.

* time skip to connors *

Knock knock knock

I could hear foot steps from the other side of the door so someone was defiantly in.

Connor: hey marcus I didnt know you were in amerca

Marcus: no one knows

Connor: ok come in

Connor: so why are you in LA?

Marcus: on the run

Connor: from who?

Marcus: alfie

Connor: oh I heard about that joey said something about you and alfie have gone missing.

Marcus: alfies missing?

Connor: yeah

Marcus: omg I gotta call him

Connor: good luck he dosnt anwser his phone

Ring ring

Alfie: helo

Marcus: alfie were are you?

Alfie: looking for you

Marcus: well that will be a problem im not in the uk

Alfie: me nither

Marcus: were are you?

Alfie: LA in america

Marcus: damit alfie

Alfie: I need to see you

Marcus: no

Hangs up

Knock knock knock

Connor cheaked the peephole

Connor: its alfie

Marcus: ill hide in the bathroom

Connor: ok

Please alfie just stop I love you and I always will. I cant hide forever but you cant search forever. Maby one day if you dont have a girlfriend ill find you and tell you this but otherwise goodbie alfie I love you and ill cry these tears for you....

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