One Direction Imagine (P.O.V) - You get into a fight with a fan

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Harry: You were shopping with Harry at Jack Wills. You were used to the dozens of fans that would come up to you guys while you were trying to pick out clothes. Harry decided to go try on a pair of pants, so you assumed they would stop coming up to you once you were alone. As you admired a patterned dress, a girl slowly made her way over to you. You didn't say anything at first, but you noticed her watching, and it was making you uncomfortable. "Can I help you?" you finally asked. "Oh, I'm just a fan of Harry's and you're his girlfriend, so..." she said, still looking at you. "Okay," you said a little awkwardly, grabbing the dress off the rack so you could find Harry in the dressing room. "A four?" she said, noting the size you had picked up. She started laughing. "I don't think so." "Excuse me?" you asked. "Oh, it's nothing. Just that...there's no way you're a four." "Well, I am," you said, turning away from her and starting to walk away. But she wouldn't let up. "Not with that ass, you're not," she said. "Okay, what is your problem?" you asked, forcing yourself to face her again. "I don't have a problem. You're just a fat pig and don't deserve to be with Harry." You were ready to pounce on the girl, but luckily Harry was just walking back to you and heard what she said. He told her off loud enough for the whole store to here. She was on the verge of tears when she ran from the store. "I'm sorry about that, babe," Harry said as you walked to the register. "It's okay," you said. "I'm just glad you were there for me. That might have turned into a nasty fight." "Oh, I'm sure," he said, laughing. You gave him a playful punch and you two continued fooling around like that until it was time to check out.


Liam: You and Liam had been dating for a couple of years so you were pretty much used to people having their own opinions about you or your relationship. Usually you were pretty good about ignoring it. After all, you were with the most perfect guy on the planet. All the haters were just jealous. When you saw negative comments online, you would generally just pass by them, unless they were particularly inappropriate. Then you'd just send a quick response to call them out and then move on with your day. Today you see a tweet that really bugs you: "(Y/N) needs to get out of Liam's life, actually out of everyone's lives #diebitch". You had never seen anything before about you dying. You had to respond: "How immature of you to write a death threat like that. Liam will be pleased I'm sure". You expected the girl to delete her tweet or her whole Twitter. That happened a lot after you responded to negative comments. But instead, within seconds, the girl shoots back another tweet: "That wasn't a death threat, but this is--I'll kill you myself bitch if you don't break up with Liam". That got you pretty upset. Soon you were in a full blown Twitter war with the girl. It was your first real fight with a fan. By the time Liam came home, he already knew what had been going on and convinced you to call the police. You ended up not pressing charges, but fans never bothered you again.


Louis: You and Louis were grabbing your usual Sunday milkshakes. As you're heading back to your car, a group of fans stops him and asks for photos. You step to the side as you always do and try to stay out of the way. You just patiently sip your milkshake. While Louis is distracted and in a conversation with a couple of girls, one fan wanders over to you. She starts talking nicely, but then she insults you. You just tell her to leave you alone, but she doesn't listen. As her comments get worse and worse, you start walking toward Louis. You don't want to pull him away from his fans, but you know he'll leave if you ask him too. As you're about to get his attention, the girl pulls your hair and you stumble backwards. Before you can even react, the girl slaps you. All you can do in retaliation is give her a shove as you rub your aching cheek. Luckily Louis saw what happened and immediately jumps to your defense. He starts talking about calling the police and having her arrested for assault. The girl runs out of the parking lot faster than anyone you've ever seen in your life. All of the other fans promise to wait with you guys for the police so you can file the report and they can give statements as well. Everyone comforts you, and Louis especially feels bad. You tell him it's okay, but you're still shaken up about it. That night he goes on a pretty crazy Twitter rampage telling all his fans that they need to start respecting you or he'll really lose it. The fans don't want to lose him so all the girls start apologizing for every rude thing they've ever said or done to you.