thirteen - harry

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thirteen – harry

“Louis no!”

            His mouth seemed full of cotton, words stuck inside his throat when Harry couldn’t utter anything else other than loud cries, in an attempt to explain everything that was going on right at that moment, most importantly, how Niall’s cock ended up inside of him.

            Harry’s throat felt tight, as if a hand had been wrapped around it and kept on squeezing as Louis kept on looking at him as if he was the most disgusting thing on earth; and he was, maybe. “I might as well let you two continue your business,” Louis finally said, but it was forced and angry and furious and nothing Harry ever wanted to come out of Louis’ mouth, “Horan make sure you get your cock out of his arse before the night falls, it might tempt some animals that bite.” After the last snarky moment, Louis decided to start walking away from them.

            Suddenly, Harry’s skin was freezing, his knee bones popping against each other and his teeth chattering and he felt uncomfortable on his hands and knees. Frustration began building up in his chest; frantic shakes of his head as small whimpers ran out of his mouth, “Off, off, Niall off – “ he shrieked, trying to get away from Niall’s grasp, feeling the stretch of his cock hurting his rim. “I – I don’t, I don’t want to, I don’t want to – Niall no – “

            “Of course you want to,” Niall hissed, pulling on Harry’s hair, “You agreed to this.” And Harry wished he could say that wasn’t true, but his heart had already decided if he wanted Niall to pound into him when he saw how close the two men were in the forest, how Sir Malik’s hands clutched on Louis’ hips in a way that he would never be able to. Harry had been ready to give his everything to him, his heart, his mind, his body; but then realized that Harry could never, ever, give Louis everything the man wanted in life. Louis would never want a slut like you, Harry; you’re such a silly little boy. You couldn’t just wait for a little; you had to have a cock in your arse, didn’t you?

            G-get off – “ Harry screamed desperately, pushing Niall away with every little bit of strength there was in his petite, fragile little body, crying out at the loss of Niall’s cock, grabbing his clothes and hastily running behind Louis, tripping over chunks of ice, his feet already feeling numb from the cold, “Louis!” he cried out desperately, the cold enveloping his body as his feet sunk further into the ice, making him immobile, “Please – “ Harry’s face stung, as if his tears were turning themselves, “Oh Deus,” Oh God, he murmured without noticing, the words leaving his mouth at an alarming velocity, “Succurrite, peccum, I fecit a peccum – “ Help me, mistake, I made a mistake!

            He couldn’t see Louis anywhere in the distance, his figure long gone, and Harry was loosing hope; he couldn’t let Louis go until he had explained everything, until he had apologized and gotten punished for what he had done. He didn’t want to stay with Niall in the forest and spend the night with him – he wanted Louis, he needed him –

            “Harry,” Niall panted, zipping his pants up and following him, “Harry, you said you wanted this!”

            “Well now I don’t!”

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