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Chapter 10 | Everything She Isn't

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
- J.R.R. Tolkien

Listen to Love Like This by Kodaline for this chapter.

● ● ●

Bringing a hand to my sleep-induced and now baggy eyes, I rub the tiredness from them. Grabbing a brush I try not to wince as I run it through my untamed and extremely knotted hair. The strands are thinner and so I guess they tangle easily.

After tying my hair into a high ponytail, I strip from my pyjamas and take a quick shower. I change into jeans and a simple top, and I decide to leave my hair in a pony.

Suddenly, a vibrating sound is released from my phone. It is probably a message from Mia, reminding me to get dressed as she's going to be here in a few minutes. Slipping on my sneakers, I walk to the side of my bed where my phone is placed. To my surprise, it is a text from an unknown number.


Who the heck is texting me at seven in the morning? How did this person even get his (or possibly her) number on my phone? What if it's a paedophile? Now I'm scared. I eventually decide to respond.

Who is this?

A minute later my phone vibrates yet again.

Look out your window. ;)

I gasp. My heart hammers in my ribcage. I think I should call my mom. 'You sound like a three year old, relying on your mom for everything. Are you really afraid? Whoever it is they won't be able to harm you from outside' my conscience roars.

In the end, my curiosity gets the better of me. I sneak up to my medium-sized window, parting the dull curtains ever so slowly. My breathing comes out in irregular lashes; sharp and defined.

I see him. It's a he-just clarifying things here. Clad in a dark leather jacket, the mystery man looks up straight at me, leaning on a black Lamborghini. I swallow as reality hits me like a ton of bricks.

No one else but Asher freaking Reed.

And he's waving up at me with that stupid conceited smirk of his, completely oblivious to the fact that he had given me a near heart attack experience.

My eyes widen and my breathing regulates. I should have known. He must've added his number to my phone yesterday when he oh-so-graciously kidnapped it from me.

I duck away from the curtain in frustration so that I am out of his sight. Charging downstairs, I fire a quick goodbye to my mother. Swinging open our house door I stomp furiously towards the devil incarnate.

"What were you thinking?" I practically scream, "Almost giving me a heart attack like that. I thought you were some weird paedophile or something!"

He removes his dark shades and presents me with a look of confusion written all over his face-which isn't making the situation any better because he looks indescribably adorable. Why does he have to be such eye-candy? It makes conversations and being serious harder.

"Pfft. You gave me your phone yesterday. So I took your number. Simple."

"Firstly, I didn't give you my phone, you snatched it away from me. And secondly, couldn't you be normal person and save your number onto my phone with your name so I'd know I was you?"

"Oh," he leers. "Didn't think of that."

"You are so lucky I don't have a weapon on me right now," I mumble, monotone, getting into the dark sports car.

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