Chapter Two

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Troye's P.O.V.

"Dish is yur homework," Miss Miranda said as she gave me papers. "Thanks?" I thanked. "Remember to finnish it. Or else," she reminded. I nodded at her and left the room. She's one weird teacher and why can't she pronounce words correctly?

I accidentally bump someone on the way out. I looked up and saw Zoella. "H-hi." I tried hiding my nervousness.

"Oh hi there, new kid right? Troye Sivan?" She asked as her beautiful eyes stare at mine. "Yes. I a-am." Damn, why is she making me so nervous. "Well, I'll show you the cafeteria, follow me."

She brought me to the cafeteria which took about a minute. It's not that far. I thought it would be longer since this is such a big school. I saw Connor sitting with his friends, he saw me and called me over. I sat at their table and greeted his friends, Ricky, Tyler, Kian and JC. 

"So, you and Zoella, something special?" Connor whispered to me. What?! Why would he think that?!

"No! Wtf!" I replied quickly. He smirked at me but I kept giving him the 'What?!' face. Nothing's going on. She's just... really pretty. "Dude, you're literally blushing," he said. I touched my cheeks and started to blush even more. She really has an effect on me.

"Well, there's also a guy who likes her. You have some competition," he said. "What?! I don't like her. Get the point? And whoever is that person who likes her, can take her, I have no interest." I rolled my eyes and resumed eating. I obviously lied when I said that the person can take her. I need to win her love.


It's now the last period, Physical Edution (P.E.) at the gym. I saw Zoella as her sexy self. I just couldn't take my eyes off her. A person lightly pushed my shoulder and gave me a smirky look.

"Connor?! Have you been watching me?!" I asked nervously. He winked and went to coach. For all this time, he's been watching me drool over Zoella. Actually, now that I've tought about it, Connor is good with the girls and I might ask him to help me get Zoella. 

"Great job as always Connor. You might even be a swimming coach one day." I heard Connor's coach said. Connor smiled and went back to me.

"Connor... since we're buddies," he raised an eyebrow, "and you're obviously good with girls," he looked confused, "...can you help me get a girl?"

"You mean Zoella?"

I gulped. What the hell. How did he know? I shouldn't have stared at her like that. "I'll take that as a yes," he said. "But Troye, there's going to be a problem getting her."

"Why? Is it because of that other person who likes her is stopping?" I asked, rolling my eyes. That other guy probably is a slut.

 "Yes... and that person is me." Now, the awkwardness began, but he does look like a slut. What the f- Connor?! Why would you like her? She's obviously out of your league. Is this the part in life where two friends fight for one girl? 

Instead of being here, beside a guy who likes the girl that I like, I decided to slowly move away and run to another person nearby. He kept glaring at me. Creep.

I bumped into a guy, a good looking one. "Hey there, I'm Joe. Joe Sugg." I smiled weakly and shook his hand. "I'm Troye Sivan. New here." 

Zoella came in and said, "Troye, meet my brother!". Joe added, "Unfortunately." She playfully push his shoulder and they both laughed. Awww, cute sibling moment. 

I saw Connor looking at me, thinking of stabbing me. He's jealous that I'm now close with the Suggs. Looks like I got an advantage. "So, Troye, wanna hang with us after school? Our house?" Zoella asked.

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