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Taehyung/ 25/ leader of a branch in the mafia/ known to fool around

Taehyung/ 25/ leader of a branch in the mafia/ known to fool around

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Jeongguk/ 21/ owes money/ serious and listens well

Jeongguk/ 21/ owes money/ serious and listens well

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"Ughhhhhh...." Taehyung groaned as he walked around his office tirelessly trying to figure out his current situation. He walked around in circles then parallel lines then triangles, he was just going in all types off ways. His underlings knowing this all waited outside his office quietly, afraid to even breathe too loud as to interrupt their bosses thought process.

Though one of them stood up at last, the one that stood up had sweeped back brown hair and was large in frame, no less than six foot in height and was definitely intimidating. They all knew who he was and was afraid to stop him from entering the bosses office.

Walking through the quiet halls allowed the man to create loud Clicks and Clacks with his leather shoes, but before long he had reached the perfectly carved wooden door. Without even knocking he slammed opened the door and walked in. In a harsh yet familiar tone he started, "look man, all you're looking for is a baby sitter for tannie why are you stressing out over this? The trip is only going to be two weeks long, what is the baby sitter gonna do? Sell that dumb dog of yours?"

The lackies were horrified, they could've never talked to the Kim Taehyung like that, most of them were too young to die or to go missing. But him? He was an exception.

Taehyung who was just rounding his 27th circle of the day came to a halt and looked the tall man in the face before dramatically falling onto the floor, "oh Lee... what am i going to do... i need someone to watch poor little tannie... I'm sure he has motion sickness, i could never bring him onto the plane..."

Lee rolled his eyes and picked the man, the boss, the leader, up by his neck collar before blurting out, "for the last time, he doesn't have motion sickness, you just picked him up when he was too full."

Now finally standing up on his two legs again, the older man went back to his luxurious desk and sat down sadly, "You never believe me... I need to find a baby sitter for tannie... OH YOU CAN DO IT!" A smile formed across his face as he thought of his own genius idea but Lee refuted, "Hyung. I'm literally in charged of all your work because youre too lazy to take care of it yourself. Would you rather do all of that by yourself so that i can take care of that scrawny little dog of yours?"

Hearing this, an O formed across Taehyung's face dumbly before he went back to his whining. The lackies who had been sitting outside were either amused by their bosses usually behavior or horrified because this behavior either solves without any issue or all hell breaks loose.

Lee rolling his eyes once more suggested, "You know, that pile of papers I've left next to you are of newcomers. why don't you just picked one of them to work? They're new and scared of almost any of us. There's no way someone being threaten could steal your little dog and run off."

Taehyung gasped on his desk before looking through all the papers. Lee walked over to him and pointed, "this stack. Not that one, that's the one about drugs."

With his child's future baby sitter in his hands, taehyung furiously flipped through the list, "wow why is there so many... and why do they all look like they're gonna kill me if i talk shit about them... i need someone that looks nice for tannie you know, you're horrible at your job Lee..."

Lee cocked his head to the side before starting, "well hyung, what do you expect them to look? Like cam boys? This is the mafia... sometimes even i cant see you as a head of a group like this..."

The male completely ignored Lee's words and gasped again, "him! Look he was forced to join because of his huge amount of debt to us... Jeon Jeongguk... hmmm he looks soft, i like him, call him in."

(Thank you for checking this out uu! Idk if it's interesting but it's fun in my head ^^ -rec)

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