Chapter 1 - Flashback

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-7 years ago-

"Jace! Wait for me!!" I shouted, trying to catch him in the rain. I kept on running and running, until I tripped on a banana skin.

"Oww!" I grumbled. I could feel him stopping at his track and ran towards me. I could feel the red liquid started to flow from my lesion. I closed my eyes, wincing in pain while waiting him to come up and help me.

"Are you okay??" He asked, worry in his voice.

"Of course I'm not fine! Look at the blood flowing out!" I roared at him, still wincing in pain.

"I'm so sorry. Here, let me carry you to your house," he apologized, picking me up, bridal style.

"You better," I muttered under my breath.
"You what?!" I shouted after I digested everything he said.

He nodded, giving me a weak smile.

"I can't argue him, it's very important for his business, for our family as well," he informed me.

"But.. But.. You can't let that happen! What will happen to us?!" I could feel tears threatening to spill. I blinked rapidly to stop them from falling.

"I'm so sorry, Emma. Here, take this. This is my favorite necklace. I had never ever let anyone borrowed this. But now, I'm giving it to you," he said, giving me a brown leather necklace.

Now tears started strolling down my cheek. I sobbed as I stared at the necklace. "I'll never forget you, Jace. Never. And I hope you did too,"

He gave me a weak smile, before pulling me closer to him. He embraced me, letting the comfortable silence flows between us.

"Jace! It's time to go!" I heard his dad yelled. I quickly pulled away from him.

"You're leaving now?!"

He replied with a weak nod.

"How come you just told me?!" I spoke angrily, poking his chest with my finger.

"Well, I-"

"Jace! We have to go, now!!" His dad yelled for the second time. Jace stood up, grabbing my hand.

"Emma, I'm sure we will be reunited somehow. I just knew it. Don't worry, I'm sure we'll meet again."


"I'm sorry, Emma! See you!!" He said while running away.

And that was the last word I've ever heard from him.

-Present Day-

"Emma! Wake up now or you will be murdered by your Social Studies teacher!" My mom shouted from downstairs. That sentence sent the shivers throughout my body. I quickly sat on my bed, ripping the blanket away and made my way to the bathroom. I prepared myself as quick as I can.

"Morning, mom!" I greeted, while running down the stairs.

"Wow, she's alive!" My mom told my dad. I rolled my eyes and sat on the barstool. In front of me my mom had prepared butter toast, along with a nice, warm tea. I quickly finished my breakfast, before kissing my parents goodbye and ran towards the bus stop. Just in time! I guess today's my lucky day!

I'm nineteen now, a grown up lady. At least, that's what I've been told. A lot of things had changed since Jace had left. I still miss him, a lot. And by the way, I'm still keeping his leather necklace. In fact, I'm wearing it right now. I tried to move on, I really did, but I can't. I know that it was just puppy love back then. But somehow, it felt so real.

I haven't heard from him since that day. We lost contact, and all he left me with was an old, brown leather necklace.

The honking sound from the bus shot me back to reality. Right.. I'm on my way to school. I quickly grab my stuff and got off the bus. I strolled down the school hallway, before spotting my thin, blue locker. I turned the combination and opened the locker.

"Hey there!" I heard a high, pitchy squealing voice which made me jumped.

"What the... Shit, Anna! You scared the hell out of me!"

"That's what I intended to do."

See? I have the best best-friend ever. Note to sarcasm.

"Do that one more time and I swear I'll choke you." I threatened her.

"Aww, you know you love me.." She teased.

"I did," I said, while closing my locker door.

"Emma!" Someone hugged me from the back, abruptly.

I jumped once again, before turning my back to see who it was.

"Jade!! Seriously, you guys have to stop doing that to me," I ordered them.

"But you love us!" They said in unison.

I sighed resignedly, before started walking again.

"Hey, I heard that there will be a new student." Jade informed us.

"Huh? Really?! This student better be a boy!" Anna replied. Sigh, I got some awesome friends...

"Aww, if he's a boy, he's going to be cute!!" Jade squealed at my ear, causing me to close it in reflect.

"Don't squeal on my ear!" I ordered her.

"Sorry! But I'm so excited!!" Jade squealed again, but this time I was fast enough to close my ear.

"This student better be a cat.." I mumbled under my breath, before entering class.

Okay, guys. First chapter, so I guess I'm going to make it short. But I promise to make the second one longer.

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