Clones and Camera Drones

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Two of Kor-Azor’s moon’s cast a dim glow on the edge of woodland leading to upper class estates. Just enough light for the five men approaching esteemed Scientist Alekza Davoor’s mansion on the outskirts of the regions third largest city of Krazator.

The five men moved silently through the woods leading up to the estate as Jimmy Ekard, their leader led them. They used hand gestures and planning to guide them most of the way. Even though they knew security here could be complex they were finding it easy to navigate around it. Their contact told them security might be lax.

The five mercenaries were part of one of the most notorious mercenary gangs in the Amarr Empire, the Jimmy Drake Gang. Their mission was simple, to break inside the Scientist’s laboratory and steal her most recent work, codenamed ‘SIN’ or Ship Imaging Network, then destroy her lab. The scientist Alekza and her daughter Deva, were not to be harmed. The gang was hired by a shadow agent who refused to speak of his connections, but the gang knew this was all coming from someone well above this agents station. Still they didn't care about details, they just did the job for lots of ISK.

Many people knew that Alekza had a laboratory under her estate. She had won awards for her work on star ship components and ideas after she had retired from her career as an Imperial Scientist. She had it all, influence, connections, money. What she was working on now grabbed the interest of even those who weren't supposed to know about it. Alekza's work was meant to be top secret, she realized that there were no secrets when it came to really big business. Business so big that it was used from one end of the known galaxy to the other; that business involved Camera Drones. Alekza believed her new research would challenge the camera drone industry and lead to her ascension into Imperial Politics. Her latest work 'SIN', was meant to do all of that. Despite mounting pressure and death threats she pressed on. She believed that someone had to be giving away her secrets. Recently, it dawned on her that she would need to get very creative to challenge her competitors and fulfil her goals at any cost.

Alekza's mother-daughter team were working inside the state of the art laboratory through the night, much longer than they ever had.

“Mother, why are we doing this so late?” Deva, The eighteen year old daughter of Alekza Devoor asked only to be interrupted by her mother.

"Maybe to make up for lost time, since you decided to spend so much with this so called boyfriend in Krazator." Alekza's reply was laced with bitterness.

"He is just a friend, i told you that." Deva turned around, her eyes unwilling to meet her mothers glare.

Alekza walked up and grabbed Deva's arm, forcing her around to face her "I know about your lie's Deva, you are visiting your father, I told you not to."

"Why, because you refuse to forgive him all these years, because you want to just keep controlling me?" Deva swallowed, holding back her emotion as best she could, caught in her parents crossfire.

"He is trying to turn you against me Deva, trying to sabotage all of my work that he knows will compete against his business." Alekza's grip was much stronger than her body would be capable of.

"He is not!" Deva's voice cracked as a tear fell from her watered eyes, her lip trembled as she struggled to stay strong against her mother's emotion "He promised me, he just wants to see his daughter, mother you're hurting me stop it."

Alekza let go and turned around to pause and collect her thoughts. There was an awkward silence.

Alekza never let Deva see her father Devun Davoor, she suspected he had found her and that they were meeting secretly. Any discussions of him were promptly ended by Alekza. It seemed to be a trend for Alekza to promptly end that which she was not pleased with.

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