Prompt 2 Winners

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Hey Darklings! It's a bit delayed but we're here with our prompt two winners! Thanks to everyone who participated. Here's a recap of the last prompt: You sold your sold to the devil some years ago, today he gives it back and says, "I need a favour."


It was not a quiet night. Harln Beadu watched over the city, his back turned to the churning sea below and his ears tuned to the wind. The south harbour gale brought in whispers from even the furthest reaches of the world. And tonight they stirred the phantoms. 

Silhouetted against the bone-white glow of the moon, Harln listened. Footsteps echoed in the dark, but he couldn't glimpse as much as a shadow stepping out of place. He peered into the darkness, and only darkness did his eyes meet. Until two small lights blinked red in the shape of eyes, red as daybreak. The shadows scattered like a flock of ravens and the phantoms—ghosts of former people, now mere blankets of mist—wailed for their deliverance. Out of the shadows and into the moonlight, a creature made from ivory and gold bared his teeth in a welcoming smile. 

'I need a favour, Shadowfinger,' the man said in earnest. But to Harln it sounded like the greatest of promises. As if he'd been offered all the Queen's diamonds or an empire of his own. The creature before him didn't sound like a man who needed anyone's help. 

'It's Shadowhand,' Harln said, jumping from his dais of broken rock. 'And I have nothing left to give.' 

The devil smiled, combed tracks through his sun-gold hair and said, 'Lucky, then, that I didn't come here to collect.'

He reached inside his coat pocket and Harln stepped forward, keenly aware that he might get stung. 'A favour?' he asked. 

'Not for free of course.' The devil chuckled. His ivory skin shone brilliantly in the moonlight. 'In exchange for your helping hand,' he paused, retrieved a pearl the size of a child's fist, and held it out. 'I'll give you back your soul.'


"Can you repeat the sentence, please?"I asked, still dazed by the handsome man in front of me."I'll give your soul back, but I need a favour." The man said.

"Okay, so you think that you are THE devil and you need a favour from me, a broke teacher and that you'll give me back my soul in exchange?" I summarised everything he said. 

"Yes to everything, except for the fact that I AM the devil and that I did take your soul." He replied."Oh yeah? I would like to think that when I have my soul taken, I would remember it for sure." I replied, snarkily.

"What- Don't you remember you exchanging your life for your mother's?" The so-called devil, asked me, shocked.

That sentence hit home.

I narrowed my eyes in annoyance. This guy has been standing in front of me blabbering out nonsense since half an hour. Handsome or not, a girl wanted a goodnight's sleep after a long day at work, and I am gonna smack him on the head if he spouts another nonsensical sentence.

"I am an orphan you idiot! I have never had a mother!" I yelled at him, annoyed. "At least do your research before coming to bother me, you imbecile!"

The devil looked taken aback."Are you not Vivianne Ambernath?" He asked softly.

"Yes, you creep." I started...

"Then you aren't an orphan, Vivi. You exchanged your soul for your mother's exactly five years ago."

Vivi...the name struck a chord in me."What-"

Congratulations and once again thank you for participating! Prompt 3 has been posted in the next chapter so be sure not to miss out!

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