Chapter Eight

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Ezra's POV

            I didn't know what to say to Cash, so I didn't answer him right away. Instead I reached over and grabbed Ace's face so I could examine his bruised cheek.

            "Where else did he hit you?"

            "stomach but im fine Ez don't worry about me."

            "You didn't look 'fine' ten minutes ago, so lift the shirt." Ace gave me a look but did as I told. Im surprised my jaw didn't drop and drool start to fall. This kid has such a sexy body. No he doesn't have a six pack but he is still so hotttt! Ugh I have got to control myself. Ace cleared his throat and when I looked up he was smirking at me.

            "Your staring love." He whispered. Which of course caused me to blush. I examined the spot where Cash punched him. If anything he'll have a light bruise which is already forming. I lightly ran my hand over it just to make sure it didn't hurt him... that's a lie I just wanted an excuse to touch him. He shivered under my touch which caused a smirk to appear on my face. I looked up to see a light blush go through his cheeks... haha.

            "Love your blushing" I whispered mocking the voice he used on me. He just laughed and stood up then pulled me with him.

            "Sooo?..." Cash said again but in a 'oh damn this is awkward' kind of voice.

            "You better be nice Cash or I'll kick your ass." He just laughed then stuck his hand out to Ace.

            "Sorry kid, you know how I am when it comes to Ezzy." Ace smiled at me then took Cash's hand. They did their little hand shake thingy and everything was fine with them again. What the hell?! Cash was basically going to kill Ace not even 15 minutes ago and now it's like that never happened.

            "Sooo I'm going to go take a shower and then me and Ever are going to the movies. Since I don't have to go to Luke's anymore." I looked at Ace when I said the part about Luke, I saw his eyes light up when it clicked in his head that I ended it with him. Then he got this smirk on his face, it's like I could see the wheels turning in his head and the light bulb light up. Oh god he has a plan.

            "Hey Ez do you think me and Cash could join you two?" then he winked at me.  What the hell is he planning?!

            "Umm yea. But what about your little girls on their way over? I wouldn't want you guys to disappoint them and all." Damn, I could even here the jealousy seep out of that sentence.

            "Your cute when your jealous." Ace said with a smirk. I hit him in the arm playfully and mumbled 'shut up' he laughed that sexy laugh of his then put his arm around my waist and pulled me to his chest. So basically his front is full on all over my back. Mmmm..... once I got over the good feeling I remembered that Cash was still standing infront of us. Shit! I looked at him to see his reaction and he was giving Ace a look I couldn't quiet read then said

            "Don't worry about it. I'll call the girls and tell them never mind. I didn't want them to come over anyways." I was too shocked to say anything. I never thought I would hear those words come out of my brother's mouth. Cash not wanting a girl, let alone the fact that he wouldn't have to work hard to get her since she was easy. Wow. I looked at Ace and he was smiling.

            "Ummm Cash? Are you feeling okay?" I asked mocking concern. Ace laughed which caused his body to rumble behind me, and then caused me to shiver in response. So what does Ace do? He tightens his hold on me. Damn.

            "Shut up Ezzy. I'm just not in the mood to hear that girl talk and talk. She is so fuckin annoying."

            "Wow, someone call the press this is a moment for the books." I mumbled then laughed. "Well you guys go get ready, were goin to the mall movies. Im going to txt Ever to look up movie times." I reluctantly left Ace standing there and went to walk in side. Before I walked all the way in I yelled out "Don't kill him Cash!" which caused them both to laugh. I don't see how that was funny, I was totally serious.

Ace's POV

I have a plan to get Cash and Ever together. I know that Cash has liked her for forever. So all I have to do is ask Ez if Ever likes Cash. In order to do that I have to get Ez alone, so I can explain the plan to her, cause I know I can't do this alone. So when Cash went to take a shower to get ready I went to Ez's room to wait for her to finish in the shower so I can talk to her about the plan. Now when I was siting there this seemed like a good idea but then she walked in to the room in only a towel. I couldn't help it my jaw hit the floor for the second time today.

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