1. The Awakening

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The smell of blood rose through the air, slowly spreading with the early morning breeze. the sun rose over Nytulla's homestead. He awoke to the sound of gunships racing overhead. Nytulla ran outside and looked up, he saw the Republic logo streak by him, he saw a trooper walking to him.  Nytulla noticed this and yelled just loud enough for the clone to hear him "good day mate."

"Are you Nytulla?" Nytulla froze "ye, yes why, who are you?" The clone replied in a kind sad voice "I am Captain Tain, your family.... well there was a battle, your family didn't survive." Nytulla stopped dead in his tracks. he turned and ran into the woods, he rad to a river,  sat on a stump, and cried.  He chucked a stone in the glistening river, the stone sunk with little speed until it hit the bottom. he stood and walked to a tree. he punched it with great force and the branches above shook the littlest bit.  He walked back to his house to find the republic's presence lifted, so he hopped on his speeder and drove over to where his family were murdered in a fight they weren't involved in. he dug graves and buried them. When he walked into the burned and crushed house he saw a trapdoor that he had never noticed before, so he opened it and went down the ladder. in the darkness he saw, a figure.

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