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except sum smut
cuz that's what ur gonna get

Now what had happened was that morning, Maddy went to school.

Maddy's first class was Intro to Calc in Which, unfortunately, was in the upper left wing of the school.

Now, if it was a normal day, Maddy would have just taken off her hoodie.

But since Nate choked her...

She couldn't.

"She's in here!" The teacher yelled at the paramedics from the classroom.

Rosita hiding in the bathroom saw what was going on. She looked at the covered up scars where Nate grabbed her.

She thought he did the same thing to Maddy but somewhere else.

The school was calling in students to figure out what happened that day.

Rose was one of them.

She was scared that they were gonna maybe figure out what Nate did to her. While lost in thought Jules came out of the principal's office and told her that it was her time to go in.

The girl sat for a while she was scared but knew that she had to go. She slowly got up and entered the room.

"Sit down Rosita," the principal said and she sat. "You're not in trouble I just wanna know what happened at the night of the carnival."

She hesitated, she really wasn't there when it happened but she could easily slipped something else out.

"Um..I didn't really see anything but...," she felt a knot in her throat.

The principal went closer to her, "Go on.."

"...nothing. He was just mad at her for wearing this bomb outfit." She rubbed her wrist.

"Are you sure?," he pestered her. "Yes, I'm sure of it!" She nodded quickly.

He let her off and she went back to class shaken up.

Later in the day Rose, Jules, and Rue were studying for a test in the cafeteria.

Nate walked out with his parents and police officers. They all stared at him but he glared at Jules and Rosita. Rosita looked over at Jules thinking why he looked at her too.

Rue looked at both of them and asked, "Okay. One, what was that about?"

"Two, can we talk about the fact that you fucked Nate's dad?"

Rosita looked at Jules. "You fucked Nate's dad!," she screamed at the girl.

"Shut up!" Jules looked at the both of them then looking around seeing if anyone heard.

"This is serious guys, don't tell anyone even if you hate my guts."

They nodded and went back to work.

Couple of days later Rosita was hanging out with Fezco. They were on his bed drinking, chilling, and just talking about random stuff.

"So I heard your buddy Nate got caught," the boy stared at her.

She laughed at him ,"He's not my buddy."

She sighed then said, "But yeah he's in something but I don't care it's not my problem."

Fez looked at the nervous girl, he caught her a bunch of times rubbing her wrist. He asked her about it, "Why are you rubbing your wrist so much."

Rosita looked at him shocked, she didn't know she was even rubbing it. She felt guilt, sadness, and pain for what happened.

Letting Nate touch her and maybe other girls like that.

She turned away for a second and Fez lift her sleeve up to reveal a purple-reddish bruise on her wrist. Rosita look at him and pulled her sleeve down.

"What thats!," Fez rose his voice at her and Rose shoke up.

She lied and said, "Relax it's just a carpet burn." Fez looked through her bullshit he knew she was lying.

"Did he do it."

He said it plain straight.

Rosita starting tearing up, he automatically gave her a hug.

He held her for so long, he never wanted to let her go, Fez wanted her to feel safe and he wanted to hurt Nate for what he did.

She looked into his icy eyes and gave him a kiss. This kiss was soft and kind, a sense of protection.

He kissed her back.

It became more passionate, like their lips were yearning for this moment. He made his way down to her thigh being delicate, she let out a soft groan.

He held her up and put her on the bed. He didn't hesitate to take her clothes off. He stayed still for a moment processing the beauty in front of him. He took his shirt off right after.

They soon started kissing again then he started slowly going low. Kissing every part of her, not missing any spot.

He stopped at her pussy, he quickly enter two fingers in immediately hitting her g-spot. Rosita whimpered, she felt pleasure from his quick but soft movements.

Right when she was about to cum, he stopped.

"Not that easy ma."

He took out his cock, putting the tip on the surface of her vagina.

Fezco looked at her, "Are you ready?" She nodded even tho she wasn't a virgin she knew the Fez was the one.

He finally enter, staring off slow so Rosita could adjust. She moaned into his ears which drived him crazy.

Fezco started going faster. She was driving him crazy and she knew it.

She grabbed onto him, letting out small moans and groans. He kept going, giving her little kisses on her neck.

She was breathless but muttered out,"I- I'm gonn-"

She came and then he did after on her stomach.

They both laid down breathless from that event. He grabbed onto her waist and pulled her in to cuddle.


"Yeah ma?"

"I love you."

He gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"I love you too."

so i suck at smut writing but
we gonna get better
anyways stan tom holland 🥺

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