Tomomi murmured softly in her sleep as she turned on her side, letting the blankets pull against her body. A soft grumble left her lips as she began to wake open, her eyes fluttering open slowly and a blurry room surrounding her. The grogginess hit her instantly and she raised a hand to rub one of her eyes slowly. A small yawn escaped her while she pushed herself up. Her arms stretched above her head in a small manner, her shoulders rolling themselves back a few times to get any knots out of her limbs. It had been a long time since she had woken up so groggy and sore like this.

Her actions paused instantly at the thoughts. Tomomi was just waking up… But she couldn’t remember falling asleep. She couldn’t remember when she had fallen asleep. One of the last things she remembered was sending a message to Mami when a sense of worry had crept over her. She couldn’t help but worry that something bad had happened to Mami on her way back to her house; she had just wanted to check up on Mami to be able to set her worries aside.

But she had never received a response back. The minutes ticked by until they turned to hours and Tomomi hadn’t gotten a response from Mami. She knew she had sent that text sometime after Mami had initially left her house but she was positive Mami would be able to respond much quicker if everything was truly okay. After that, Tomomi could remember lying down but she certainly couldn’t recall falling asleep.

Slowly, she lifted a hand to touch her cheeks but felt no wetness on them. Of course she wouldn’t, it had to have been hours since she fell asleep… The tears were long gone by now and so were any remnants of them. That was another thing Tomomi could vaguely remember about last night. She could remember her weaker emotions getting the better of her and the tears of worry slipping past her control. She didn’t want to cry so often anymore but when it came about, Tomomi had trouble stopping it. She didn’t want to cry over something that probably didn’t even exist but she hadn’t been able to control it.

The small sigh slipped past Tomomi’s lips and she shook her head. Why was she thinking about this? It was pointless to. She couldn’t change it. She did her best to push the thoughts of out of her head and grabbed her phone that was sitting on the bedside table. She looked at the clock, her eyes widening when she discovered that she had missed her alarm that morning. She was going to be late if she didn’t get going.

She threw the covers off her body, quickly pushing herself up and rushing over to her closest. She busied herself, doing her best to not think about what notification wasn’t on her phone. Tomomi still had no notifications of new text messages or any missed calls which meant that Mami still hadn’t responded… The brunette knew if she thought about that too much or for too long then she would begin to worry again. Instead of thinking about it, Tomomi wanted to think about how she would see Mami at school. Once she saw Mami well at school then it would put her worries to rest finally, she knew it would.

It didn’t take Tomomi long for her to finish getting ready for school when she had the thoughts of being late bearing down on her mind. Tomomi was a good student and she wasn’t late to class; she wasn’t exactly keen on making truancy a habit now after all these years… Especially not when she was still trying to earn back her parents trust. Her two weeks of initial punishment might almost be up but she knew her parents were still distrusting of who she was hanging around with from the fight. They didn’t believe her whenever she tried to convince them that it truly wasn’t her fault.

Once she was finished getting ready, she had grabbed her school bag and left her room, assuring that she remembered to close her bedroom door after her. She bounded down the hallway, making her way into the kitchen where she knew her parents were. She peeked inside before entering, seeing her mother and father at the table, neither of them eating but both of them holding a mug in one of their hands. As she slipped in, her parents seemed to instantly notice her presence.

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