The Injury

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Clay's POV

I get out of my cruiser, as I do I pull my gun from it's holster. As I start to walk through the tall grass, I hear gears. I turn to my left and see glowing eyes. What doesn't help is that it's starting to get dark. I turned around when I heard a growl... "Ahhhhhhh" Twisted Wolf had clawed my arm. I then shot three rounds into his chest. I get to the cars and motion for the kids to leave. Once I get in my car. I drive after them what the hell...their supposed to be dead...wait could Henry be alive...I have to check. As I get to John's house I see that the kids are already there. Once I get in I see that they are already sitting in the living room. They are all confused and worried "why the hell were there gunshots?" Carlton asked John, "I don't know...." John said. As I walk in Jessica and Marla are the first two to see me. Once they see my arm, they gasp "OMG CLAY ARE YOU OK!?" Jessica and Marla screamed. "I'm alright.."I start to feel light headed and end up I falling down on the floor. The cloth I had wrapped around my arm is soaked in blood. There's even blood dripping down my blue button down from when I held my arm to my chest. "DAD!?" Carlton yelled. After he yelled that, I passed out. After that I have no idea if they said anything else.

Carlton's POV

Once we got back to John's house, we all went in and sat down in the living room. We're all confused and worried about my father. I turn to John and ask "Why the hell were there gunshots?" "I don't know," he responded with. I didn't realize that my dad had walked in, until Jessica and Marla both gasped and yelled "OMG CLAY ARE YOU OK!?" He responded with that he was alright, but it was clear that he wasn't. He had a cloth wrapped around his arm, but it was completely covered in his blood. There was even blood dripping down his blue button down shirt from where I guess was from him holding his arm against his chest. I guess that he got light headed, because he ended up falling down onto the floor. "DAD!?" I yelled, but after I yelled that he passed out. The other's tried yelling different things at him, but he was already out light a busted light. Omg I should have went with him when he got out of his cruiser  this is all my fault...were family we are suppose to stick together, maybe if I got out he wouldn't have gotten hurt...I think to myself. I then see John and Lamar pick him up with a struggle. They take him to the guest room. I walk to the study and I sit in a chair. I feel all of these emotions...I feel sadness, guilt, and anger...I put my face in my hands and start to cry. 

Jessica's POV

After Clay passed out John and Lamar brought him into the guest room. I see Carlton crying in his hands while sitting in the study, so I sit next to him and I comfort him. "Hey he's going to be alright..." I say gently. He looks at me with anger and sadness, "How do you know he has already lost a lot of blood he's probably no- " I cut him off by kissing him I don't care if anyone sees this he needs to not think negative thoughts...I said to myself in my head. He kisses back. We pull apart after a few minutes and I wipe his tears. "Please don't cry he will be alright.. he's a strong old man." I say with my hand on his cheek, and he give a sad smile and nods " Ok....he is a strong old man." He says the last part with a laugh. I smile sadly and hug him. I can feel his tears fall on my shoulder. "Hey Jess you in here?" Marla asked as she walked in. She sees us hugging and she smiles "What do you need Marla?" I asked. She tells us that Violet has medical training, and that she is helping Clay. We are glad that she can help.

 It's been five hours and it's 1:24 am. Me and Carlton are cuddling. I keep thinking about what Clay said, about him knowing William Afton and Henry Emily. Should I tell him that he knew them...would that break their relationship....I don't want to cause that... I thought. I feel Carlton wrap his arm around my waist. I can also hear him snoring softly, it's cute. "They will never understand the pain he went through....the sorrow, you must understand Jessica, there is a lot that Clay needs to tell you." I hear a man's voice, but I don't recognized it.

Violet's POV

As I'm helping Clay, I see a piece of metal in one of the claw marks. Once I pulled it out, and dropped it in the bowl of water next to me on the bedside table. I examined it, once I bandaged Clay's arm properly. A wolf or anything with claws wouldn't have metal on their claws. So the question is what really clawed Clay in the arm? I have to keep this from the others, especially  Carlton. Time to tell the others that Clay is going to be okay. 

As I walk into the living room, I saw that Marla and John were the only one's up, besides me anyway. "Hey guys could you go wake the other's. I need to tell you guys something important." I told them. "Sure we can. Come on John, let's go wake up the other's real quick." Marla says, and then runs off with John to wake them up. As I look around the living room, I see a picture with John, the others, and another girl who I don't know. She must have moved away or something must have happened to her  I thought. Soon John and Marla come in with the others that they had to wake up. "So you have something important to tell us?" Carlton asked me. "Yes, ummm, Clay will be fine. He just needs rest, a lot of rest actually." I reply with. "Thank you Violet."  Carlton says as he hugs me. "Your welcome Carlton." I respond, hugging him back.  

To be Continued...
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