Chapter Forty (Part II)

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Walang pag aalinlangan na na lumuhod si Uri sa harap ni Drae. Their eye contact never breaking as she unbuckled his belt and he cupped her face. His hand went to brush the hair off her face, he gathered her soft brown curls into his fist, pulling so she would arch her neck and expose her creamy skin to him.

Uri pulled his dick out of his pants and held his hard member with both her hands, fondled his balls and spread the clear fluid leaking out of his orifice using her thumb.

"Suck me." he ordered. Bahagya nitong hinila ang buhok niya at iginiya ang mukha niya palapit sa ari nito.

Without hesitation, Uri opened her mouth and welcomed his huge girth inside, carefully taking him without her teeth grazing the skin of his member. She felt the head of his cock reach the back of her throat and it triggered her gag reflex. Still she continued taking him until her lips almost reached base of his erection.

"You like choking on my dick, don't you? You dirty little whore," his gaze was intense, full of lust. Uri seemed to enjoy the dirty talk. She liked it specially when he shames her. That must be her kink.

Humigpit nang kaunti ang hawak nito sa buhok niya nang ipaikot niya ang dila sa palibot ng ari nito bago i-urong sulong ang ulo niya. Drae grunted and guided her bobbing head as he thrust his cock into her mouth. Her eyes watered as the head hit the back of her throat but that didn't stop her from letting him fuck her mouth.

She let out low sultry, incoherent mewls as she tasted his pre-cum on her mouth. She loved the feel of his arousal against her soft and wet tongue and velvet feel of his rigidity as she took him in her small hands. Uri's eyes flew wide open when Drae suddenly slapped her. "I don't like repeating myself. Suck me!" she was extremely taken aback by the sting his palm left on her cheek but she did not hesitate with his demand. She sucked the life out of him while still caressing his jewels which made him more rigid and engorged. Uri wondered why she didn't even get mad or humiliated or hurt when Drae slapped her. It actually felt good. It actually felt like he owned her and she liked it.

Drae almost reluctantly withdrew his member from her mouth and instructed her to get on the bed. Mabilis na sinunod ni Uri ang utos nito. She was already lying there when Drae undid the button of her jeans and pulled it off her. He was standing at the feet of the bed, eyeing her like a predator. "Touch yourself, Uri, I want to see how you pleasure yourself again."

With shaky hands, Uri reached for her pussy. Drae joined her on the bed he pulled her underwear to one side and watched her touch herself in total abandon.

"Spread those lips." he commanded as he spread her thighs.

She did what she was told. Napaungol siya nang malakas nang yumuko si Drae at lawayan ang ari niya. "Continue."

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