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Witch or Elementalist?

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  • Dedicated to My Grandma Jennie <3

First i would like to just state, DO NOT COPY MY WORK.

Come up with your own ideas, dont use mine. This applies to every chapter.


*Graces Perspective*

"Gracie can you take Arlene out for a quick walk?" My mother Katherine is obsessed with our dog Arlene. Arlene was a recommendation from her therapist ever since the "end of her world'.


"Daddy?" Grace whimpered. She started to look at her father's body. Limp, bloody and now dead. His gorgeous silky bronze hair was splashed with what she wished was vibrant red paint. His deep blue eyes were closed. Out of the blue her mother took a moment from her pointless sobs to attempt to drag Grace away.  Grace quickly shimmied out of her Mothers grasp and ran straight into a Transton Police Officer. She gazed upon Grace and grabbed her hand. They quickly advanced to the doorstep of her home. The police officer gave a gentle smile, but it didn't meet her eyes.

*End of Flashback

After that quick walk with Arlene I went to meet my best friend Mariline at the local strip mall. As soon as i left two men came from nowhere.

"I presume you are Grace Lutz," the man on the right questioned. He had blond shaggy hair with emerald green eyes. He wore plain faded jeans with a bright orange long-sleeved shirt with a gray plaid vest. I nodded slowly as I took short steps back towards my house.

"Stop moving. Believe me you don't want to anger us. I'm Louie and he's Mitchell" The other guy who had a black buzz cut wore a similar outfit but a navy long sleeve. I had to admit they looked about 20 and both extremely attractive! They were both muscular as far as I could tell.  They both started to hum the same tune. Then my eyes felt as if they were being covered by a black veil of darkness.

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