Meeting Dally Again

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Claire's P.O.V
My name is Claire Dylan, I am a thirteen year old girl, turning 14 on July 31. I used to be a really shy girl and I still am but I am much more confident now. I could beat up a Soc in 30 seconds flat. I have blue eyes. They are dark when I am calm and icy cold when I am upset or mad. They have a yellowish color around the pupil. I also have dark blonde hair with highlights and lowlights. I'm kind of thin. Well, really thin. I'm 92 pounds and I'm 5'2. Kind of flat chested but not really. I love books. You can always catch me reading one. I especially like "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "Gone With the Wind." Sometimes watching sunsets is also an escape for me and movies are too. I'm not really a smoker. I've probably done it two times, but I hate it. Anyway, I had a brother and parents but they died a year ago in an auto wreck. And Dallas Winston left me before they died in New York. I will never see him again but I'm glad because I hate him now. That jerk. I now go to school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I get pretty decent grades. I have been here for a month. There is a boy named Ponyboy Curtis whom I have a major crush on but I don't think he likes me. We never really talk and he doesn't notice me. We share the same math, history, and english classes. Well I'm hungry. I'm gonna head to the diner.

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