Update 26th June 2020

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Vanish was written for  the first Open Novella Contest back in 2017/18 and made the Finals list.

I've now decided to publish an edited version of the novella on Amazon as part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

NB. I've changed the title to Portal, as I think this suits the story better.

This means that Vanish has to come down from Wattpad, even in this draft format, for the three months that the revised story will be available in KU.

If you can't wait that long, it's only 99c to purchase or 'free' if you are a KU member!

I've left the first chapter here as a teaser, (only 10 % is allowed to appear elsewhere while the story is in KU)

                         My other two entries for the ONC - The Janus Project (ONC 2020)


                                                    Dangerous Love (ONC 2019)

                   are still available to read on Wattpad as well as heaps of my other stories!

Kind regards

LV 26/6/2020

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