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Niall had made a special request to you, which was to accompany him during a recording session.

He knew you had the whole week off from work (or school), so he wanted you to be there.

Happily, you agreed.

After getting dressed and driving to the studio, you found yourself staring blankly at the many dials and buttons.

There was something wrong with one of the microphones, so a technician had to come in a replace it before everything could start.

Eventually, though, it did.

Most of the time, Niall’s focus was on his singing, which it should be, but you had expected him to look at you at least once.

But instead he’d look around the studio or mess with one of the boys.

The man sitting next to you, on your right, told the boys that they would do one more song before they’d call it a day.

You relaxed back into your chair and let your head fall backwards.

The music started with a upbeat sort of rythym. You slowly looked up at the boys, only to find Niall smiling and looking right into your eyes.

He began singing the song he had told you reminded him of you ‘Nobody Compares’.

You looked away, blushing as a smile stretched across your face.

Niall turned away and chuckled as his part ended. Once the song was finished, the boys piled out of the recording studio.

You ran over to Niall and squeezed him in a hug. He laughed again before kissing your cheek and pulling you out of the room.

Once you were at home, Niall was chasing you through the living room, grins both on your faces.

He was laughing while you squealed as he tried to tickle you. You tripped and fell, landing on the couch, luckily.

But unluckily Niall got his chance.

He dove on top of you and began to pinch your sides, causing you to burst out in uncontrolable laughter.

Once he finally stopped, the two of you decided to make dinner together before watching movies and relaxing for the rest of the day.

You were lying in bed with your boyfriend of five months, Niall Horan from One Direction.

Since the night before was the first time you two had made love, you had decided to have a lazy day in bed.

You were cuddled up with Niall, your head on his chest and his arm securely around your waist, watching old time-y Loony Tunes.

You were nearly asleep when you heard whispering outside of the door.

“On the count of three, we march,” You heard. “One, two, THREE.”

All of a sudden the door flung wide open and the other four members of the group bombarded you and Niall spraying you with multi-coloured silly string. Your blood was boiling, but at the same time, you couldn’t stop laughing.

“Boys! Stop!” You yelled between laughs. They eventually ran out of silly string and left the room.

You and Niall exchanged looks and laughed.

You both changed into different outfits and lied back down in bed.

You got back into the position you were in before getting so rudely interupted.

Whilst watching the Loony Tunes, you winded up falling asleep in the arms of the one you loved.

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