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bennie and the jets is and always has been one of my favorite songs ever

i watched rocketman, finally, after like 2 years, and i freaking loved it. the crocodile rock scene was so freaking awesome, the production was amazing, the visuals, the storytelling, costumes, ahhhhh i love it

i started watching asoue again and honestly iconic. i forgot how big of a crush i had on klaus like ahhh

i really shouldn't have started it again tho bc i still have avatar, the politician, and glee to finish :)) today is the last day of classes so i will finally be less tired and stressed :)) and i'll be able to write and read more

there's not much else i want to say. yesterday was baby rat man's bday. you know if remus was never introduced, i would probably be lying in bed every night killing myself over the fact that i'm a bad person and i deserve to be murdered or arrested. but bc he was introduced, i realized that intrusive thoughts are okay and don't define me :) kinda funny how that piece of garbage made me happier :D

also addressing all the stuff coming out about shane, jefferee, all that crap, even jenna, it's half and half. you can't fully hold someone accountable for something they did years ago. more specifically if they were super young (like under 20, i guess), they for real didn't know any better, and if they ever addressed the issue and genuinely tried to make things better. you see, jenna at least acknowledged it from what i heard and she apologized, she knows she did wrong and she's quitting youtube bc of it (maybe not directly but you know what i mean). she shouldn't be hounded bc she is better than that.

now as for shane, we all know he's been doing his racist, pedophilloic, jokes about rape, literally spreading the message to tons of young viewers that it's okay to self-diagnose or just diagnose without having a degree or certification. do you know how many times i heard my friends diagnosing me, other people, or themselves as a sociopath or with anxiety or whatever. he's a terrible influence, his content isn't that great (the ones that are offensive or just plain disgusting deserve to be burned), and frankly he's not that funny :/

on another topic, i've heard people say "isn't it weird for him to play a gay character bc he's straight?" and that just upsets me. not the person saying it more the idea. it sucks so much bc when people see a gay actor playing a straight character, they're being versatile and a good actor. but when a straight actor plays a gay character, people assume it's uncomfortable for the actor and they're being revolutionary. don't get me wrong it's amazing to see representation in media but why is there a double standard for lgbt and non lgbt actors??

my dream was weird as heck. my parents were like obsessed with me. you know those parents that love their kids too much that it kinda pushes them farther away? it was like that. it was supposed to be my birthday and my parents made this huge buffet and i couldn't eat half of the things there. there were pancakes, eggs, tater tots, toast, and i tried to eat it but my parents kept shoving everything on my plate and it became too much so i just told my mom to stop. and then i was late to school but my parents weren't sweating it. so i got dressed in my birthday outfit and then i realized it wasn't my birthday. i was just thinking about it and i was like "i know it's not january, so it's not my bday" so i took off my special birthday clothes and resorted back to my normal ones and i was very upset.

anyways, stan taron egerton, more specifically rocketman bc the crocodile rock scene is my fav (and the lil bit before that), let's all watch bohemian rhapsody again, along with hereditary for clear skin ;) love ya buh bye

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