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(Your POV)
You made it to your room. "I will be taking my leave, Lady Michaelis." Hannah said opening the door to be greeted by Claude."C..Claude..." She said looking at you from the corner of her eye. "Hannah....."Claude said sternly."Y..yes sir."She said walking into the hallway.Claude closed the door behind him."M'lady I was ordered by my master to help you change.
"Claude said to you coldly.

"Oh,is that so,it's fine with me." You said taking off your dress showing your corset. Claude put his hand on your shoulder making you jump."What's wrong My Lady."Claude asked pulling his hand back."N-no it's just I'm used to my father touching're actually the only other demon than him to touch me..well at least in 2,000 years....." You lifted you hand up and hold the locket to the necklace your mother gave you before she died. "Excuse me may I ask what that is?" Claude asked. "oh,this is my mother's locket, on the front it holds our family crest on the inside is a picture of my parents on their wedding day and our first family picture together when I was only 500 years old." You said holding back your tears. Your family is the highest demons in the demon realm. "My Lady,are you alright?" Claude asked you. "Yes,I'm fine." you said ashamed."Claude will you pull my hair into a pony tail?" You turned facing Claude pulling your hair out a ponytail,it kindda got messy when I was running from my father.

(Claude's POV)

I braided (Y/N)'s hair into pigtails then pull it up into a bun. I look at her locket and look at the crest. "Royal family crest?" I mumble. "Hm? Did you say something?" She questioned. "No mi'lady." I replied. As she looks in the mirror, I look down starring at her beautiful skin.I lean in slowly and bite on her neck."what what the hell?!" (Y/N) screams. She opens the window and jumps out of it.

(Your POV)

'Claude just bit me I don't know why' You thought out loud.You legs started getting weak."Oh crap I'm still a demon but as a kid i pass out to blood loss."You kept running until you got to the back of the manor.You passed out and Finny saw you."Lady (Y/N)....SEBASTIAN SEBASTIAN."

You woke up with everyone by your bed side."(Y/N) what happened?"Your father asked."Claude bit me. I....i think he had let loose some venom into me." You said a little shaky. You saw your father's eyes flash for a second."Daddy don't kill him it's okay."You said holding his hands in your hands.

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