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It was a foggy morning when my alarm buzzed, cutting my dream and bringing me back to reality. I groaned and turned off my alarm. I stretched my limbs and yawned. It is only my first week here in London and i am loving it, I would earn money for my college in no time.

I smiled at the thought and stood up. I walked over to my closet and picked an outfit (AN:outfit at the side). I went into the bathroom to shower, holding my outfit and my black matching underwear. I undressed and hopped into the shower feeling the hot water against my skin. I squeezed some vanilla shampoo into my palm and slowly rubbed and massaged it onto my scalp. I grabbed my body wash and rubbed it against my skin, inhaling that sweet vanilla scent. I washed my body off of the soap while humming a song I heard over the radio the other day.

After I was done, I wrapped myself in my red fluffy towel and changed into my outfit. I wore my brown ankle boots, and sprayed myself with my favourite vanilla perfume. I placed my wallet, phone into my sling bag and walked out my small flat that I've rented for my stay here. I locked the door and started my journey to my workplace.

I work in a local bookstore, in a daycare center at Saturdays and my mom forced me to try out as a model. I unwillingly agreed to make her happy and fortunately, the company accepted me. I passed by an alley and I saw a glimpse of a guy with brown curly hair wearing a black leather jacket with a symbol TA in it, his back facing me. I did not mind it since I do not want to get involve into whatever he's doing so I continued my pace until I reached my workplace. I was greeted by my fellow worker James. I smiled and went over the cashier to my seat. I usually seat here unless I would have to fix the books by the shelves or if the costumers need assistance. James is always at the stockroom so I usually do all the work. I don't mind though. I love books so it really isn't a problem to me. 3 Hours gone by when found an interesting book to read.

I was reading when I heard that familiar 'ding' by the door. I looked up to see a guy with blonde hair, blue eyes staring towards me as I stare back, he was wearing a similar jacket from the guy I saw at the alley.

"May I help you , sir?" I asked politely.

"Where's James?" He said bluntly. I pointed towards the stockroom door and he nodded. He walked towards the door and called James name. The stockroom door opened revealing James. He ushered the blonde man inside and closed the door behind them. I heard talking but I did not listen. I am not a kind of person who would eavesdrop if not necessary so I continued to read.

I few minutes have passed and the stockroom door opened with James and the mysterious blonde man following him. James led him to the door and they said their goodbyes. He looked up at me and said, "You could have a day off Kate." I smiled and said "thank you". He ushered me out the door and said,"stay safe, see you tomorrow." I returned what he said and smiled. I walked up to a cafe and ordered a cappuccino, the cashier smiling at me as I smiled back. I sat down on one of the empty tables and brought my phone out. I had 2 miss calls and 4 messages coming from my friend Mia, asking me if we could hang out. I replied saying that I would go to her house. A few seconds later she replied saying okay.

After I finished my cappuccino, I stood up and threw it at the trash bin making my way out the door. I was walking when I felt droplets of water falling on my head, soon enough those droplets got stronger so I was forced to seek shade from the rain. I found an alley with a roof that could shelter me from the rain, i ran towards it and stood there waiting for the rain to stop.I started to feel cold so i crossed my arms over my chest to have a bit of warmth. I then heard shuffling around the alley, since it was dark when you go further onto the alley you couldn't a glimpse of light.

"What is a beautiful girl doing all wet here?" A deep, raspy and husky voice said.

"W-who are you?" I asked shivering from the cold.

"You're new here aren't you?" He asked again. His voice closer this time.

"Yes." I answered while crossing my arms even tighter. The strong wind not helping.

"Here, I'll lend you my jacket. Wear it, you're freezing." He said. Then something warm was placed against my shoulder, it was his jacket. I hugged it closely to my body the warmth of the jacket helping my freezing state a little bit.

"Who are you?" I asked again.

"Why don't you ask Mia about me. I'm sure she will tell you something about me." He said and I can almost feel hot breath fanning my face, though there is nothing infront of me but darkness.

"You know her?" I said backing away a little bit. To add a bit of a distance to this unknown person whom I cant even see.

"Why of course, I own this country. I should know everything and everyone in it." He said amusingly. How could he even own this town? Royal families own this town not him.

"You're joking right? I mean come on, the royal family owns this town not you." I said. He chuckled and I could practically feel him smirking.

"Yes, you're right about that in terms of government. But in terms of ownership. I own this country. You could asked the police themselves you are in doubt. Tell them my name and they'll answer you with a solid YES." He said

"And what is your name oh mysterious stranger?" I asked sassing a bit. I know I shouldn't be doing this cause he could probably kill me here in an instant without anyone knowing but I cant help it. He's just too full of himself.

"Harry Styles" he said monotonously. The rain slowed down and I smiled slightly.

"Okay then Harry, I will asked Mia and the police." I said, though deep inside of me, I felt as though I heard that name before.

"Good, oh and Kate?" He said before it became silent, too silent if you asked me.

"Yeah?" I said as I slowly turn around to step out of the alley.

"I'll see you soon, very soon." I felt his breath closely against my ear then it was gone. I turned around only to find nothing. I hurriedly walked down the street to Mia's house. She might know who this guy is. When I reached Mia's house, I furiously knocked on the door. As she opened the door, her eyes widened in terror. She pulled me inside and shove the jacket away from my shoulder and held it.

"Kate, who gave you this jacket?" She asked frantically as she threw the jacket on the coffee table.

"Uh, a guy named Harry Styles. He said I could ask you about him. He said he owns this whole fucking country. I mean come on, how sick is that." I said then Mia gasped loudly as she held me by my shoulders.

"Did he hurt you?" She asked worry written over her face.

"No, he just gave me his jacket because I was freezing." I said confused.

"Oh no, He's owning you." She said wide eyed. Owning me? Im not a doll, a thing or an animal. He cant just do that.


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