connors day

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           Connors P.O.V

I woke up today with a smile across my face.

"What r u smiling bout"-JC

"Today's me and Maria's day"

"O yea. Hope u guys have fun"-JC

Just then maria had walked in

"Hai ev1"-Maria

We all just waved weirdly

             Maria's P.O.V

Omg I really didn't wanna have sex today but its connors day and he's really hot.



"What u wanna do today?"-Connor

"Idk, can we go to the mall?"

"Sure. Whatever u want princess"-Connor

Omg did Connor just call me princess no way. Just then Sam came up behind be and put his arms around me

"I want u"-Sam

"To bad lover boy"-Sam

Then I ran upstairs to get changes

My door opened and there was am staring at me like a pervert as I got dressed.

"Plz Bae, lemme have u"-Sam

"Nahh, I'm good"

I shut the door and locked it so no one could come in.

I went to my closet an dpicked out my outfit. I put on a the fault in out stars crop top, black high waisted shorts, my galaxy vans, and a blue bandana. I apllied my make up; eyeliner, mascara, foundation, concealer, complexion, blush, and red lipstick.

I went down stairs and all eyes were on me. All the boys started dog whistling and starig at my ass

"Aye guys leave her alone. She's mine today"-Connor

"I'm getting her tomorrow tho"-JC

Omg r they really gonna do this now. I just walked into the kitchen and saw kian sitting in the corner. I walked over to him and Gave him a hug.

"U okay?"


"Otay. Just tell me if something up okay?"


I waked away and hung out with the boys for a while until Connor came up to me and said

"Ready to go?"-connor

"Where we going?"



So i jumped up onto my feet and walked out the door to connors

~~~~~~~~~~skip drive ~~~~~~~~~~

We arrived @ a stadium with a billboard that said 5SOS was playing there.

"Omg I luv 5sos"

I ran and gave Connor the biggest hug ever.

We walked I to the stadium, handed the security guards r tickets and was back stage. I got meet 5sos and everything. I almost died.

After the concert I got to meet the guys they were really sweet and hot. We exchanged numbers and me and con or went home.

"Did u like the concert?"-Connor

"I loved it thank you so so much Connor"

"Ur welcome"-Connor

When we got home we both went up to my room. Me and connor didn't have sex or anything. We just layed there and snuggled each other.
Hai Baez, I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing any sex scenes. I was to lazy and it's really late and I'm just so fucking tiredI love you guys so much. Otay bye luvies
Xoxo Maddi

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