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Hi hi hi. Its me Kelly Kelly as you know. Ha! I know it's kinda funny how my book is named after me, right?...well I just thought Kelly is a good name and deserves to be known.
So you all must be surprised. Well you better be, that's what I want anyway.
Now to the book: I came up with the idea of writing this book during the pandemic. I was at home doing nothing so I tried to come up with a story.
Uhh. I can't believe am finally sharing this book with you guys. Am so happy. I could just scream. To late I already am

I hope you enjoy this book cause am gonna. Trust me, it's way better than my other book. If you haven't seen it, check it on my profile. I started working on that book when I was fourteen. I was a terrible writer but I still hope you get into the storyline, it's a good one.

Another thing...there might be a lot of matured content in this book and use of hard word at your own risk.  Oh and pls don't mind my grammar errors. We all make mistakes so just focus on book

Here comes the important one: I don't tolerate ghost readers. If you re reading my book you have to share your thought  by commenting or supporting by voting and you can also share.
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You may begin...

★Kate's POV ★

I carried her on my back and moved her back and forth while I rocked my hand up and down her back hoping she could stop crying but she doesn't. I carried her like that for some minutes and her cry just got worse. I brought her down and carried her on my hip and watched as she cried. It pained that I couldn't do anything to stop my baby from crying.  I wiped her tears and sang her songs hoping she would stop but all to no avail. I got so frustrated and went to the desk to get my phone and call mom. I hear the door open and my mom walks in

"What's wrong with her?" She asked, removing her flats

"I don't know, she won't stop crying" I said worried. Kelly leans down opening her arms for mom to carry her. My mom hurries to  carry her and she stops crying, instantly all I could hear were her hiccups

"How long has she been crying, she's hot?"

" when she woke two hours ago " I looked as how my mom moved up and down patting her small back. Baby Kelly raises her head from my  mom's shoulder and looks at me. I looked at how beautiful she is, her glassy blue eyes staring at me. I knew for sure that my daughter was going to be s beauty. I watched as her little hands taps on my mom's shoulder. My mom looked up at her and she points at me with her little fingers still hiccuping. My mother looks at me and I smile at my daughter. I walked up to her,squeezing her cheeks "Kelly Kelly Kelly" I said in a baby tone . she immediately looks away like she just saw a ghost. She rest her head on my mother shoulder again. My smile goes down to a frown

"My own daughter doesn't even want me " I said and my mom stares at me

"Maybe if you didn't leave her for your work, she wouldn't be scared of you" my mother said walking pass me. She tries to sit Kelly on the floor but she holds onto her tighter

"Really mom? I thought you knew my intentions"

"You should at least have time for your daughter, now look, she hates you" my mom said and I hate to admit that she's right. I was too busy working to save up the money to send my daughter to school that I didn't even realize I was growing distant from her

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