When you two hug

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Hello everyone~ Girls und Panzer is currently my favorite anime. But sadly I found no scenario books about it, so I chose to make one myself. I have never written for girls alone, it always had boy characters also so this is a new thing for me so please no hate.

You can request, but I don't do scenarios about pregnancy or children. I don't do scenarios like "What pet you own", "Your clothing style", "What school you are in", "How you two met" and such because those are all up to you since we all have different tastes.

The reader is whatever height, age, gender you want them to be. The reader attends whatever school you want them to be in.


When you hug her, she will let out a little embarrassed sound before chuckling and asking if something is wrong. When you say you just wanted to hug her, she will smile and hug you back. Sometimes when she begans worrying about a match, you just have to open your arms and she will be quick to hug you, calming down in your arms.


She likes when you hug her out of nowhere. She will let out a chuckle and ask why you're hugging her. When you say you just want to hug her since you love her so much, she will feel her heart skip a beat before she tightly hugs you back, saying you're so cute.


She enjoys hugs so if you want a hug, she will gladly give it. When she sees you are upset, she will softly embrace you and assure you it's okay. Or when she is worrying about something and you hug her, she will chuckle and thank you for worrying about her before hugging you back.


Usually when she returns from spying she will jump on you, excitedly showing you the video clips while holding you and ranting on about how the experience was. When you hug her out of nowhere, she will let out a shocked noise before laughing and hugging back.


When you hug her, she will just fall asleep in your arms. When you tell her to wake up, she will mumble to stop moving before she rests her cheek on your shoulder and goes back to sleep. So you will be stuck holding her while she rests against you.


She gives you a hug whenever she sees you for the first time in the day and when she leaves. Her hugs are very gentle and she will always give you a smile, greeting you or saying goodbye. Sometimes before she goes to battle, you will give her a hug and wish her luck. It always makes her happy whenever you do it and will make her even more confident she will win in the match.


She loves to run and jump on you whenever she sees you standing somewhere, looking bored. She will laugh as you yelp in shock and stumble. She will just your cheek a kiss before asking what you're doing just standing in. She will jump off your back, just to go in front of you and hug you, giving you a smile as she listens to you talking.


So much yelling when you try to hug her out of nowhere. She will yell how you can't just hug the great Katyusha without permission. So when you ask if you can hug her, she will fall silent while a blush forms before she mumbles fine. So when you hug her, she will hug you back with a big blush on her face and mumbles words under her breath. If you don't want her to throw a tantrum then ignore you, don't crouch down while hugging her or pick her up.


She can tell when you want to hug her by how you act so she will just open her arms, telling you you can hug her if you want. When you run in her arms and hold her, she can't help but smile and chuckle, putting her head against yours, enjoying the embrace. But if you don't let go in a few minutes, she will awkwardly ask you to let go since she has many things to do.

More girls will be added as I go on, now I just want to start small and see how it works out. You can't request characters because I'm not gonna add everyone, only the ones I know I'm good at writing or characters I like. 

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