Camp Beaver

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I take a long and deep breath while opening my arms in contemplation.

"Nature!" I exclaim as my lips curl up into a broad smile.

"Hello! You must be Orchid! Welcome to Camp Beaver!" A too-excited young man approaches and pulls me into a tight embrace, taking me by surprise.

"Oh, hello there," I mumble before politely pushing him away from me.

"Come on, the kids and the rest of the monitors are waiting for you inside the main cabin." The blonde man grins and starts walking back to the largest cabin of the place.

I hold my two bags and follow him, feeling anxious by the fact that I am going to spend the weekend in the middle of the forest with a bunch of unknown kids and college students, just like myself.

Although I am an easy-going 19-year-old business student, the motives that led me to this camp trip are far from honourable and pleasant, unless being cheated on and dumped by my last five girlfriends don't fall into the depressive category.

My anxiousness grows once I step inside the cabin and am greeted by loud screams, waves of laughter and yelling. There must be about twenty 10 to 12-year-old children trying to talk to each other, turning the room into nothing but chaos.

The young man notices my horrified expression and chuckles. "Don't worry, these kids have just finished eating their chocolates and jelly worms, so they are kind of sugar-high."

"Alright, kids! Our new monitor is here, so let's give her a warm welcome and make her feel at home!" A young woman's voice catches my attention, making me glance at the front of the room.

I must say that I definitely regret doing it as soon as my hazel eyes fall upon the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life. Her dark skin, dark eyes and long, dark hair takes my breath away, and I honestly believe that my heart stopped beating for one second or two.

"Let's say hello to Orchid!" The gorgeous woman shoots me a broad smile before clapping her hands.

The children follow her suit and clap their hands in unison, forcing me to look away from the Goddess and smile nervously at the curious faces that are dying to annoy the hell out of me.

"Hi, my name is Orchid, and this is my first time volunteering as a monitor at Camp Beaver." I try to wave without shaking too much, but to my dismay, I end up failing miserably and even drop my bags onto the floor, causing the children to laugh hysterically.

I slouch onto my knees and start picking up the clothes that are scattered around me because one of the bags did the huge favour to open and humiliate me even more.

"Here, let me help you pick these." The gorgeous woman kneels in front of me and begins placing a couple of underwear inside the bag. "Don't let these children intimidate you, Orchid." She glances up and smiles softly.

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