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Kirishima and Amajiki has both been sparring with eachother, when they both got a text from Fatgum, saying "Hey! I need you guys to meet me outside U.A! It's really important! -Pretty Much Your Father" Kirishima laughed at the last part, while Amajiki was terrified. Something really important? Did something bad happen? Was he hurt? We're they supposed to work today? Did- "Yo! Amajiki-senpai! You coming?"
The third year was snapped out of his thoughts. "Oh, yeah. I'm coming." He followed Kirishima. Kirishima was leading the conversation, while Amajiki was still worrying about what could've happened to Fatgum. Soon enough, they were at the entrance, and Fatgum, in his skinny form, was standing there.
"Hey guys! Let's goooo!!!"
"Fat? Where are we even going...?"
"Well, Amajiki, we're getting our nails done!"
Kirishima broke out into laughter, while Amajiki went bright red.
"Because! I've always wanted to do it, and I thought it would be a good chance to bond with my sons!"
Kirishima finally stopped laughing. "Yeah! This could be fun! Come on Amajiki-senpai!"
"Fine..." He couldn't be upset at the first-year. He really wish he could be.

The walk was about 30 minutes, and they walking into a quaint (and thankfully air conditioned) salon, with cushy chairs and bottles filled with all sorts of things, plus a wall full of nail polish. Some had glitter, some were metallic, and some were vibrant colors.
"That's....that's a lot of choices...."
"Don't stress over it! This is supposed to be a total relaxation experience, relieve stress."
"Yeah.....But, there are so many choices...If I make the wrong choice, I'll be stuck with it for about 2 weeks..."
"You'll pick a great color! Now, come on! This'll be fun!"
They walked over to a desk in the corner. "Hi! Toyomitsu, appointment for 1:30?"
An older looked at them. "Oh! Yes, I know!! We'll be with you shortly! Sit down, get comfortable,"
"Alright! Let's go!"
They walked over to a few couches next to the front desk, with a bunch of magazine's on the table. Fatgum took an armchair for himself, and Amajiki and Kirishima shared a moderately sized couch.
Fatgum picked up a magazine with Wash on the cover. Kirishima was looking at the wall of nail polish, probably looking at which shade of red was the manliest, even they all were pretty manly. And Amajiki just sat there, mindlessly twiddling his thumbs.
"Okay! You guys can go now,"
The trio stood up, going to the stations. Amajiki was in the middle, Fatgum in his right & Kirishima on his left.
Kirishima looked in awe at all the things there. There were little jewels, spray bottles filled with various contents, and vibrant nail polishes lined up along the side of the station.
A woman grabbed Amajiki's hands, somehow being aware of his stress and using soothing, soft movements to help the tenseness he was carrying.
Fatgum, as the "responsible" adult he is, was just silently watching what was happening with his hands. In his mind, he was giddy & full of excitement, after wanting to try this for the longest time.
Kirishima managed to make small talk with the manicurist, the woman looking up at him every once in a while and nodding along to what he was saying, all the while smiling and laughing at some points.
Amajiki was just terrified the whole time. His body was in the hands of a complete stranger, who also had some unknown substances all around her, some of which had intoxicating & cleanly scents.
Fatgum managed to relax, taking up the chance for getting a break from hero work. The manicurist felt like they were doing magic, massaging his hands and relieving every last bit of stress he had.
While Kirishima's manicurist was working on one hand, he had taken out his phone, catching the attention of Amajiki. He gave him a questioning look, while Kirishima motioned for Amajiki to lean back. He did as told, and Kirishima snuck a picture of Fatgum's face at the moment, which looked totally relaxed and kind of hilarious. Little did he know, flash was on, and Fatgum sat up a little to see the source of the noise. Kirishima's eyes went wide, and he shoved the phone back in his pocked and faced the manicurist once more.
Amajiki chucked at the first year, while Fatgum gave a smiling and suspicious look towards Kirishima. He silently took his phone back out, holding his phone up to show Fatgum the picture. He laughed a little, noting how entirely stupid he looked.
Amajiki's manicurist caught it his attention, and asked what color he wanted, if any. He quietly responded to a deep navy, closer to black, bottle. She smiled at him & picked it up, applying the base coat to his nails.
The woman doing Kirishima's nails asked him what shade, and he pointed to a crimson red. It wasn't super bright, and was deep and calming.
Fatgum, who didn't realize he was staring at his nails, way too excited about what was happening, was also asked for the shade he wanted. He choose a color that was a mix between orange and yellow, which matched closely to his hero outfit.
Fatgum ended up being the first one done. He looked at them in awe, and profusely thanked the woman who did it, and kept on calling him "Too sweet".
Amajiki was next, much to his pleasure. He wouldn't want to be first, and just awkwardly wait for everybody, or be last, and keep the other two waiting. He looked at his, and ended up enjoying the color, much to his surprise. He silently bowed at the woman, and went to talk to Fatgum, who was right behind Kirishima.
Kirishima was done about a minute after Amajiki. His turned out nice, and he showed great gratitude towards the manicurist, and said he would definitely be returning, who said it was fun to have him as a client.

They walked out the door, trying to avoid messing up their nails. Even though Fatgum's were dry, he wasn't going to risk messing anything up.
They talked on the way back to U.A, talking about how fun that was. Amajiki mentioned that Neijire was going to go mad, cause he never let her do his nails or anything like that. Kirishima mentioned that Mina has always been obsessed with these things, and has always been a guinea pig for her new makeup or hair styles she wanted to choose, which made no sense because their features were very different.
They ended up at U.A, Fatgum walking away and Kirishima & Amajiki walking to their respected dorms.
Amajiki was right. Nejire was waiting for him to come back, and walked up to him the moment he stepped through the doorway. She gasped and picked up his hands, him blushing a furious red. Mirio heard the noise and walked over, wondering why Nejire was antagonizing Amajiki. "Look! His nails! He never let's ME do them!! Come on....!"
Mirio looked at his hands. "Who went with you to get them? I can tell you didn't do this under your free will."
"I went with Kirishima & Fatgum. Fat really wanted to get his nails done and decided to interrupt out sparring."
Mirio laughed at that. "Well, they look really nice! Match your hero outfit!"

Kirishima went to workout the rest of that day, so he didn't see his friends until the next day. Bakugou spoke up first.
"Sh*tty Hair. Just....why?" Kirishima noticed that he was pointing at his nails.
"Because....I can."
"But they don't look....f*cking...GOOD."
"Neither does wearing pants that low."
"I can blast your a*s up so hard right now."
"I'd prefer if you didn't."
"What's up, frickers?" Mina said, walking into the room.
"What is up are Kirishima's terrible nails."
"Thanks! Got them with Fatgum & Amajiki-senpai!"
"Wait. Now I can't test my new nail polish on you.....KAMINARI!! GET CHO' A*S OVER HERE! I WANT TO TEST OUT 'NEON CORAL PASTEL'!"

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