Hello {Introduction and Explanation}

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Hello, I'm Curseblood17~ (Curseblood is a last name I came up with when I was 7 and I just like it very much and I have been using it so long now. 7 and 17 are just my favorite numbers.)

I won't say my real name, age or gender. People always say you shouldn't have walls up, but having walls up make me VERY comfortable and feel safe. So personal things like age, gender and name won't be revealed.

This is My Childhood (A Story of How I Struggled with Autism and Dyslexia) A learing disability should be on there but Wattpad doesn't allow more than 80 characters so I couldn't add it, so I had to choose which two of the three I was gonna put on the title, so I left learning disability out since it's the least important out of the two. (Before anyone gets offended, I mean least important to my story, learning disability is also important.)

For anyone searching a special meaning in the cover, there is none. It's just my favorite animal, the polar bear.

I found out at the age of 13 I have autism, dyslexia, and a learning disability. Three important things that ruined my childhood because I didn't know I had them. I lived my childhood, wondering every day "Why do I do such weird things?", "Why do people look at me with such a disgusted look?" and "Why am I not normal?"

I am in no way a good writer, the best I can do is write scenario books. So please don't expect something professional. I am not a doctor or a professional, I only know that autism is a bitch and it can ruin lives.

There can be parts where I write weird things, but that's because I'm trying to explain it the best I can or my autism is just coming through a lot. Please try not to argue with me because you got offended by something I said, I struggle understanding feelings, emotions and opinions, so even if you argue, I will most likely accidentally offend you even more.

Autism is different for everyone. For example:

I'm able to go to a big store which has around 3O people, if the store is big and nobody is standing aside each other, I'm okay. If the people stand too close and too much is going on at the same moment, I begin shaking and will stand right behind my mother, giving her nudges, trying to tell her I want to leave or I will begin freaking out. (I admit, I do get aggressive if too much happens, because the only thing in my mind at such a moment is "I need to get out!" So if you're standing in my way while I'm trying to get out the store, I will not hesitate to push you aside, not caring if you slam into anything or not, and then feel guilty and scared about the fact I pushed you for the next two weeks and will not return to that store till I'm certain you're not there.)

While my older brother, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of four, and has autism way worse than me, he can't go in a store at all. The only store he can enter is the store a few streets away from our house because it's close and usually only has 7 people inside. And it takes two days of convincing to get him to go to the store.

I'm not gonna make a bad image of my brother since he IS my brother after all, but I will mention him a few times to compare the difference between me and my brother's autism. My father also has autism, but I'm not sure how he reacts to things so I won't say anything about him since I don't want to say anything incorrect.

That all being said, this is My Childhood, the story from the worst moments in my life. These moments are the worst for me. To you, they can seem very silly, but to me they were traumatic and still haunt my memories whenever I enter the shower.

The chapters aren't gonna be in order of my lifetime, I'm gonna try my best to mention what age I was at the moments or what I think I was during that time, since sometimes I remember memories very good and will immediately write them down and upload them.

This book is also kind of to show people how bad autism, dyslexia and learning disability can be so please don't make fun of it, this is all very serious.

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