She is Alive~Chapter 26

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I made my way downstairs to see what happened to Jeff. He said he was hunting just like Clockwork was doing when it happened to her. Then, Zalgo came to him and slashed his back and cut his right shoulder and he said he saw that Clockwork was there with him, but she wasn't herself.

"She looked completely fine, except when she talked, she didn't have her voice anymore." Jeff said.

"She talked?! What did she say?" Slender said, interested.

"She said what she always said,
'He Comes'." Jeff replied.

"Who's Zalgo?" (Y/N) said, appearing out of no where. Making Jeff look down, seeing he still didn't have his sweatshirt on. He attempted to get up to reach for it, but quickly recoiled in pain.

(Y/N), of course, didn't mind seeing a killer without his sweatshirt off, the tough girl almost got killed, I think she'd be used to this out of all things.

"He's the type of demon that enjoys the pain and destruction of others. We don't know what he is after but I will assure you we will figure out." Slender said, answering her question.

Me, in my own world, was looking at (Y/N). She was wearing the outfit that I got her for Christmas. She was wearing the beanie, as the goggles sat atop the beanie, and the mouthguard hanging out of her pocket. She looked adorable in the outfit.

I caught myself checking her out and looked away blushing.

"Is Jeff gunna... you know..." I said. Remembering what happened to Clockwork.

"No, I hope not. I cleaned the wound as much as I could. I can feel Zalgo trying to get into Jeffs head." Slender said.

"But he is getting weaker since Jeff is... fighting back." "And he doesn't like it." he added.

"Do we know where he is?" (Y/N) said, curiously.

"What are we going to do if we did? Fight back against one of the most powerful demons out there?" Jeff retorted.

"He's after something... What are we supposed to do? Lay around, doing nothing about it?!" (Y/N) shot back.

Jeff opened his mouth to say something back but quickly shut it.

"You can't go to defeat Zalgo." Slender Man said, with a stern expression.

"Why not?" (Y/N) said curiously.

"One, he's too powerful and I don't want to risk the health of my proxies, especially you. Two, we don't know your power yet, or what you are capable of."

(Y/N) opened her mouth to something but quickly shut it and made her way to her room, closing the door, almost slamming it.

"When will we know?" I asked.

"Know what?" Laughing Jack asked.

"Know what Zalgo wants, and where he is."

"That is unknown." Slender replied.

Silence overwhelmed all the proxies, Jeff occasionally wincing in pain as Sally put a bandaid on his "Z"

"Thanks kid..." Jeff said as he ruffled Sally's hair.

"Hehe hey stop!" Sally said, giggling.


"I'm going upstairs to check on (Y/N)." Ticci Toby said before heading upstairs and walking into (Y/N)'s room.

~five minutes later~

"What's taking Toby so long?" Masky said, breaking the silence.

"I'll go check up on him." I said as I made way up the stairs.

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