Its Happening Again~Chapter 25

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"S-She's... what?" I said as both happiness and pain overwhelmed me.

"We need you to come downstairs... it's got Jeff." Hoodie said.


I was walking through the woods, looking for someone to kill, or torture when I saw a tall, dark, figure, come from the darkness, along with another, vaguely familiar, person.

I instantly knew who this was, and who was with it.

I backed up to a tree, both figures coming closer and closer. The tall, dark figure slashed his three claws down my back, and cut my right arm.

This was a familiar event. I knew what was to come. I ripped my sweatshirt off, leaving me topless and blood streaming down my back and arm, as I look at the "Z" shaped scar on my right arm.

I look up, startled, happy, and frightened as the dark figure disappeared, leaving the shorter, familiar figure alone, standing by me.

I managed to rasp out one word before she was inches from my face.


"C-Clockwork?" I heard Jeff say as I lean by his face, not able to control my actions as Master is controlling me.

"He Comes..." I say, with Masters voice coming from my mouth before walking away into the darkness.

Jeff p.o.v

I saw Clockwork walk away, leaving me against the tree. I could feel him trying to pry into my mind, but I fought back.

I made my way to the mansion, holding back the crys of pain the slash marks are causing.

I made my way to the door, but couldn't find the strength to open it. I banged on the door, hoping Masky or someone would open the door.

I lie there, motionless, spazzing as he tries to pry my mind open.


I hear someone knock on the mansion door, as Masky, E.J., and I stare at it confused.

I make my way to open the door and when I open I scream as Masky makes his way to me, seeing Jeff, twitching uncontrollably on the mansion steps.

"It's happening again..." Masky says as he lays his eyes upon the "Z" mark on his right shoulder.

"What's going-" Slender was saying, as he teleported he way to Masky, seeing Jeff, slashed and marked, before picking him up, and setting him on the kitchen counter, taking off Jeff's jacket, leaving him shirtless, again, and immediately pouring water on the wound, making Jeff twitch a little less.

"It's happening again." Slender said as he buried his face in his hands.

"Will he be okay?" I asked, with a worried expression on my face.

"He should be. His wounds are still bleeding, so that's a good sign." Slender said, a little less worried.

"It's good that he's bleeding?" I said, stupidly.

"Yes, if he's bleeding that means Darkness hasn't reached Jeff's body yet." Slender said.

"And who is he?" I asked.

"He is Zalgo. Every proxie's worst nightmare." Slender said, with even a terrified look on his face.

Some serious ish is happening here. •~• I'm almost scared to make more... so ZALGO is the big bad wolf of the bunch.


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