chapter 8~ sorry

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???????: sorry man I was in a rush I need to be somewhere.....

Marcus: its fine

I looked up at the stranger that had just knocked me to the ground to find alfies sparkling puppy eyes staring back at me.

Alfie: marcus im...s sory

Marcus: its fine

Alfie: no its not I hurt you

Marcus: its just my head dude its fine.

Alfie: no I mean me and zoe if id of known I wouldnt sorry

I stared at the ground not knowing what to say to alfie.

Alfie: come on

Marcus: where are we going?

Alfie: back to my place

Marcus: why?

Alfie: so I can make sure your safe and you dont have concusion or somthing.

Marcus: no thanks id prefer to stay here.

Alfie: its not a choise marcy I wana know your safe.

Marcus: I dont want to

Alfie: zoe staying with joe and casper for a bit. She wont be there.

Marcus: why would I care were zoe is?

Alfie: just come on marcy

Marcus: I realy dont have a choise do I?

Alfie: not realy

Marcus: fine

Alfie put his hand out to help me up I took the offer and was lifted to my feet by the perfection that stood before me.

We walked to alfies apartment in silence. I didnt want to go because I knew hed want to ask me questions and I realy don't want to anwser them right now.

When we arived I went strait to the couch and layed face down.

Alfie: want a drink

Marcus: sure

Alfie: lemonade ok?

Marcus: sure

I sat up as alfie walked over with the lemonade in his hand.

Out of no were alfie triped over his own to feet sending 2 glasses of lemonade all over me.

Alfie: im so sorry

Marcus: its fine

Alfie: sorry

He had got a towel from the cubord and was now atemting to dry my top.

Alfie: sorry

Marcus: alfie please stop saying sorry

Alfie: but its all my fault im sorry

He looked up and gased in to my eyes.

He studied my eyes for a while then he started to lean closer to my face I gulped not knowing what was about to happen........

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