"You know since that night a couple of weeks ago, Luke has barely spoke to me." I tell Calum.

"He keeps asking me who you slept with." Calum replies as we wait for Aurora to get dressed for our lecture.

"Why does he care?"

"He cares about weird things." Calum replies.

"Weird things?"

"Yeah, it's just the way he is. Tiny details mean a lot, I don't know." He laughs. I laugh dryly before looking back at the TV.

"He's been seeing this girl." Calum tells me.


"Yeah her names Sasha."


"Yeah she does Finance or something."

"All those numbers." I joke, he laughs and shakes his head at me.

"He seems to like her but I don't know, he just seems to be holding out for something."

"Holding out for something?" I ask.

"Or someone."

"I'm ready!" Aurora smiles walking out of her room in overalls and her hair in a bun.

"Did you straighten your hair?" I ask as I pick up all my books.

"Last night for my date but it's still a bit straight so I just put it up. Why? Does it look weird?" She asks.

"No! You look fine." I answer.

"Perfect." Calum adds in, I look at him and laugh before pushing him out of the door.

"So, last assignment what did you guys get?" Aurora asks as we walk through the university in the autumn weather.

"B+ again." Calum says.

"B." Aurora says, they both look at me and I awkwardly smile.

"A." I answer.

"I want to read some of your work, get some tips." Aurora says as we sit in our desks.

"I'll fish them out for you."

"Go fish." Calum jokes before Mr Holton walks in.


"Another writing assignment?" Alana asks as she walks into our apartment to see Calum, Aurora and I writing.

"This is our last one before Christmas." I tell her.

"Apparently you're doing good." Alana says.

"How do you know that?" I ask narrowing my eyes at her.

"Don't be angry, but I checked up on your progress with Mr Holton."


"I'm just making sure you're doing okay."

"Then ask my for God sake, stop fucking babying me." I snap before picking my pencil back up. She sighs and goes to her room to get changed before Design in the afternoon.

"It's just cause she cares." Calum whispers.

"Its too far Calum." I whisper back.

"She just wants what is best for you."

"What's best for me is for her to keep out of aspects of my life and respect my boundaries." I snap, Calum sighs but nods his head as he continues his short story.

"I'm hungry." Aurora sighs an hour later.

"Me too." I agree.

"I'll call Luke and get him to bring pizza." Calum says getting his phone out.

"Is your story done?" I ask Aurora as Calum talks to Luke.

"Yeah, I wrote like a short love story."

"Sounds good."

"What about you?"

"Same." I sigh looking at it.

"Luke's on his way." Calum tells us.

"Is he bringing pizza?" I ask.


"Good." Aurora smiles turning on the TV.


"Pizza?" Luke asks walking in with a few boxes in his hand.

"Give me." I say putting my hands out like a toddler. He laughs and sits down next to me giving me a box of pepperoni.

"So I heard you have a girlfriend." I say.


"Yeah! Sasha."

"Her? No I'm helping her with a few maths issues."

"She does finance." I say confused.

"You talk to Calum too much and yes finance use maths as well you know?"

"Yeah but why pick finance if you can't do the maths?" I ask.

"Cause then you get a cute boy to tutor you." Aurora says.

"Cute?" Luke smirks.

"I don't mean you vain ass." She says biting her pizza and looking back at the TV. I laugh and nudge Luke.

"Who knows, maybe she has a little crush."


"I'm sure she does."

"She doesn't, trust me I know."


"She has a girlfriend." He laughs. I blush before hiding my face.

"Sorry." I laugh.

"Don't be, it was funny." He smiles biting his pizza.

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