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Me: I'm so sorry it took me so long to do! I finally started watching Dangan Ronpa, and I finished the whole fist season today, and then around lunch time, my compooper died and I couldn't find my charger. :( WHY COMPOOPER??? And on top of that, I could not get Mitch right no matter how hard I tried. I spent forever on it, and finally got it right. I'm proud of this drawing. :D Anyways, this was requested by @The_Splash_Of_Color I hope you like! What do you think Mr. Pig?

Pile of pork chops that is Mr. Pig: *AHEM*

Me: Heh. Oh, right *Uses magic author powers*

Mr. Pig who is now really Mr. Pig: I hate you

Me: Awwww :3 I love you too

Mr. Pig: I really, truely hate you

Me: You're so sweet *pulls Mr. PIg into a hug*

Mr. Pig: Okay I like you a little...

Me: You're the sweetest :3

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