Fifth harmony

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Lauren PoV

Me- well , we have been together officially for two years and about three months right babe?

Camila- yep

Kylie- cool , how did u meet?

Me- umm , well , when I ran away. I bumped into Dinah and Normani  and they kinda saved me and let me stay with them until blake was born. After couple months after she was born, I went to look for a job and i found this bar but I didn't know it was a strip club. But I did dance in school and I thought should give it a try. Anyway , Camila is my bosses niece.

Camila - basically, I worked in the bar sometimes and one day i saw Lauren and I knew she was perfect. It took us a while to get together. But we finally are together.

Kim-aww , you guys are really cute.

Kendall- who is Dinah and Normani ?

Me- well , Dinah is camila's 1st cousin or something I think , umm Normani is my best friend from and old foster home i was in. Dinah and Normani are together. Also ally is apart of our friend ship.

Khole- so you guys are like the fab five or something/

Camila- well , kinda , sometimes we sing as well

Kris- really?

Camila- yeah , we are called fifth harmony but we only sing in the bar sometimes

Me- yep , but we do have our own songs.

Rob- do you think we could watch sometime

Me- umm , yeah probably

The conversation was stopped as blake came running towards me with north , stormi, true, Chicago, dream and p .

Blake- mommy , me hungry

I pick her up and put her on my lap

Me- do you guys want a burger or something

The little girls- yess!

We all laugh , khole and rob give them each a little burger. Blake gets of my lap and jumps on my mo- kris's lap. I see her face light up as blake offer her some of her burger. I turn to camila and kiss her cheek. I look up to khole and Kim who are near the barbecue. They just smile at me , i get a warm and gentle feeling inside.

The nice moment gets ruined by my phone going off, no caller Id , who could that be

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