Ambraya Athena Young

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Hi!!! I'm Ambraya (Am-bray-ah) but call me Amber. Well I'm 16 and strange things have been happening since my 16th birthday. You wouldn't believe me I'd I told you but I see...monsters. Not the monsters in your closet at night or under your bed but full on real scary monsters, like the ones out of a Greek Mythology book; I also have been having nightmares of evil presences and gods. Crazy? I know. Welp, my favorite color is Purple, I have ADHD and dyslexia but it's not that bad so I don't have to go into special classes at school. I have a best friend named Mariana(Mar-ee-ahn-na) it's like the girl's name off The Fosters. And my parents are super rich and cool but I don't take pride in that. Well enough about me!! Off to bed I go cause ugh school tomorrow.

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