8. 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐤

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-he would skip practice for you
-gave you a blanket and lots of cuddles
-doesn't care if he gets sick

-gives you milk and a candy bar
-asks Suga what to do
-stays with you for the rest of the day

-we all know this boy is gonna tease you when the opportunity comes up
-so expect lots of mocking
-at the same time he'll give you medicine and make you food
-doesn't want to admit it but he's a little worried

-will drop whatever he's doing and take care of you
-gives you medicine and goes to a store to buy your favorite snacks
-makes sure you're comfortable 24/7

-he's so clumsy someone please help him
-almost dropped the soup on you
-tries his best tho

-he's such a dumbass
-type to say "SICKNESS BEGONE"
-other then that, he gets very clingy

-he gets a little anxious
-isn't sure if he's making you feel worse
-you assure him your fine tho
-you simply request him what he should do

-comes to your house prepared
-medicine, soup, towel for your forehead
-checks on you a lot

-makes the best chicken noodle soup change my mind
-watches tv with you
-obviously with a blanket wrapped around you both

-he knows what to do
-and knows how to treat you very well
-doesn't stop him for getting on your nerves
-but he still takes good care of you
-you just got yourself your own personal hot doctor, be great full

-doesn't do much
-lets you play games with him
-is actually a pretty decent cook
-surprise bish

-another mother coming through
-just like suga, he knows what to do
-comes with everything you may possibly need
-he still scolds you for running around in the rain tho
-does that stop you from doing it again?

-personal space? not on his watch
-cuddles nonstop
-"please don't die on me"

-despite his tsundere attitude, he takes care of you
-makes sure you rest up enough

-makes you laugh so you aren't in a bad mood because of the flu
-teases you here and there
-but buys soup from the grocery store
-and sneaks in some candy too

-please be patient with him
-is so clueless
-you have to tell him what to do
-he does it
-and then throws himself on top of you

-this is Akaashi, he is perfection
-makes the best soup, makes sure you have your medicine
-stays by your side to makes sure you feel better
-please marry me :')

-another cocky boy that will tease you
-but he's responsible enough to have an idea on what to do
-he kisses you
-and now he's sick too

-this wouldn't have happened if you went to Shiratorizawa
-gives you anything you want or need
-you want something? you get it
(i want it, i got it, you like my hair)
im such a disgrace :')

-gives you lots of tissues
-you play games cause why not
-you make a flower tissue and give it to him
-he loved it

-"if you get sick, im getting sick with you"
-gives me those vibes prove me wrong
-makes a blanket fort with you
-kids show marathon
-recreate spongebob scenes

-asks if you need anything
-bought too much food
-but you ain't complaining
-he accidentally knocked down your tower of cards
-your crying now

-surprisingly he takes care of you
-with distance tho
-and he has his mask and gloves which he normally doesn't have at your house
-disinfects the room after you get better

-yet ANOTHER mother
-drowns you in blankets
-is always asking if you feel better
-his granny makes the best food

-be prepared for TeAsiNg
-leaves practice early
-you have to stop him from kissing you tho

-he is obviously going to makes some onigiri
-he doesn't have much of a reaction
-simply does what he has to do to make you feel better

-lazy boy
-lays on top of you and takes a nap with you
-literally skips school to be with you
-is actually thoughtful and makes some food

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