growing up

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Harry- age 18
Louis- age 22
Liam- age 21
Niall- age 21

Harry in the best way to put it was being an utter nightmare recently and the only reason for that was puberty.
About a month ago Louis discovered Harry had started growing pubic hair while showering him which ended up in an awkward chat and a doctors appointment. The doctor just reassured the boys that Harry's a very late bloomer and is going through the changes the other boys had when they were 15/16.

Since this appointment it's like Harry's behaviour has deteriorated, he's grumpy and snappy, even thrown a few tantrums which have ended up with him over Liam or Louis' lap for some spanks.

They just all want the sweet boy they had before back instead of this grumpy irritable teenager, the boys hoping this puberty phase will pass quick.

"Harry I need to check your nappy! It hasn't been checked all morning!"Louis grumbles chasing after Harry who's only in a t-shirt and his pull up, refusing any other items of clothing.

"Pull up!!!"Harry screeches to Louis, frustrated because they're his special pants not a nappy! He hasn't worn a nappy in ages, well at least a couple of months.

"Oop-keep that voice of yours down mister! Niall's got a migraine! Let Boo Bear check your pull up"Louis says emphasising his words when he says pull up.

"Clean, don't do wee wee's in pull up's....only poos!!!!"Harry claims as Louis manages to grab him and peak into the back of the pull up, of course finding it wet.
Potty training is a work in progress, Harry doing mostly well on the weeing side of things but they've still not managed to get him to do a single poo on the toilet no matter how much they bribe him, he just claims he doesn't need to go and the second he's back in a pull up they find him squatted in the corner grunting as he fills it up.

"Well it seems a certain little boy is lying to Boo, come on let's get that bum changed"Louis says hoisting Harry up onto his hip as he whines fussing in Louis' arms.

"Na'uh NiNi did it!"Harry says grumpily.

"Niall left his bedroom to come and do a wee in your pull up?"Louis says raising his eyebrows.

"Uh'huh! He's a naughty boy!"Harry says squealing as Louis places a spank onto his backside.

"That's for lying! You know better Mister"Louis says sternly, sighing as Harry whimpers and begins to cry.

"What's up with these moods lately cherub? You've been very grumpy"Louis coos sitting down and lifting the little lad onto his lap and bouncing him.

"!"Harry wails.

"We're not being meanies honey! I can assure you everytime we are mean it's because you're not being very nice to us, can you remember why you got spankies yesterday?"Louis says as Harry sniffles rubbing his bum as he remembers.

"S-s-said b-ad wo-words"Harry hiccups as Louis nods, Harry was having one of his all famous tantrums and uttered some words he'd heard Niall use that weren't exactly appreciated, Harry had previously been warned in the past not to use them.

"That's right and what else?"Louis pushes knowing he'd done a bit more than that.

"Kicked Ni-NI's n-no no ar-area"Harry says with a blush, Harry mid frustration had gone and kicked poor Niall where it hurt.

"Yup and that's why we had to give you spankies, we don't do any of those things do we? Cause they're...."Louis says prompting Harry to finish his sentence.

"Naughty! B-but I-m a good boyyy!"Harry whines.

"Right now you're not being! Good boys come and get there nap-pull ups changed without fussing"Louis says as Harry huffs but scrambles his way off Louis' lap.

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