[Love and Tears] part 29.

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"Where are you taking me?" I asked, hands shaking as I did so. There was a security-guard looking man sitting either side of me so I couldn't escape. They were both big, built, scary looking guys. The bald one was in the front, driving.

"You'll see," the bald one said and I imagined him smirking.

I bit my lip, afraid of what would happen to me. I looked around, fearing the thoughts they contained in their minds.

How could Danielle set me up like that? I thought she was my bestfriend! I thought she was the best bestfriend anyone could ever have! But no. She was the worst. Because she set me up. And she didn't even say anything.

I frowned. Maybe it was best if they took me. It'd be better then the lifestyle I was living in right now.

I gulped as the bald man took a sharp corner, causing the wheels to screech and thrust everyone to the left.

We sped down a dark, abandoned alley, which made me fear more. What were they going to do to me? Would anyone here my screams?

I stared out of the window, trying to memorize the area just incase I could escape, which I doubted because if these two were anywhere near me, I would be afraid to even breathe.

One more sharp turn, causing everyone to crash into eachother, took us there and we were outside an old block of flats. I raised an eyebrow. Is this it? Is that the so called 'nacan HQ'? I laughed in my head.

The bald man got out of the car, loudly pushing the door closed before walking up to my door and opening it. I gulped as the two men either side of me grabbed me tightly and pushed me out of the car. The bald one closed the door behind them and they dragged me towards the entrance of the flats.

I gulped, allowing myself to go freely. Even if I did kick and break free, I wouldn't know my way back. I frowned, if only the windows weren't black tinted and if only it wasn't so dark outside.

Their grips tightened on me as they pushed me through the entrance of the flats. I shreiked as the glass doors collided with my head. Not even an apology was made.

Their was a staircase and a lift, and they pushed me onto the lift. When the lift doors closed behind me, they pressed number 158 which was the highest out of all the flats. It was on the last floor.

I frowned, this meant if the apartment had a window, I wouldn't be able to jump without breaking my legs, back, arms or even dying.

I sighed. So how was I meant to get out of that one? Maybe I wasn't? Maybe I'd have to just accept 'my punishment', even though it wasn't me!

The lift doors opened and they grabbed me so hard, I doubted the blood flow around my body. I gulped; the place was broken, cracking and it didn't look nice. What were they going to do to me?

One of the men holding me kicked a door in, sending the door to fly back and land with a thud on the wall behind it. The door was dark but lit by a small lamp. Would I have to stay here?

There was a kitchen and a dining room but together. There was also three other doors; one for a bedroom, one for the bathroom and toilet and one for storage.

Why did they bring me up to this small flat? They continued to grip me hard as they dragged me into the room. Shortly after, the bald man's footsteps echoed behind me.

"Put her down here," he said, pointing to a cracked up corner to the side.

"Yes sir," they both chorused, throwing me and the corner. I tried to keep my scream inside of me as they thrust me against the fungi growing wall.

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