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The alarm ran out uselessly as the sun snuck into the sky. The blinds were permanently closed, yet the sun still slithered through and into the sleeping boy's eyes. Though, it meant nothing to him. His broken blue eyes were already open, staring at the sleeping. Sleepless nights weren't uncommon in this empty household. Dust collected along the furniture in the house. It's use was largely ignored by the inhabitant, who was still pulling himself out of bed. Did he want to wake? No. Then why did god punish him in such cruel ways. Bags hung loosely under his eyes as he scratched at the scabs on his arm. Slowly, his chubby legs were swung over the side of the messy blue bed, rising to his feet. His body was robotic in movement, he was automatic, yet rusted. His midsection was bigger than most, his thighs full of flab and cuts, his arms were littered with messily wrapped bandages and scars. His hair was a mess, and his face was coated in acne. Pizza face, as the boys in school called him. Glasses lay cracked in the corner of the room from a previous breakdown. Wrappers crunches under his feet as he took steps towards the vanity on the dresser. How utterly girly of you. A voice in his head sang. Even his inner voice hated him. His wheat blond hair was natty and knotted. His severely chapped lips curled into a scowl as he stared at himself. His hands rose to his face, uneven nails scratching at any and every bump on his chubby cheeks. Blue orbs stared disgustedly at himself in the mirror. Why was he so utterly unattractive? The alarm only seemed to ring louder as the moments passed by while he stared at himself. His mouth opened, revealing ugly blue braces. His teeth were the only clean thing on his body. Everything about him was utterly hideous. He grit his teeth as tears welled up in those utterly broken blue eyes. Fists slammed down on the wood until bruises coated his knuckles and tears ran down his face. The alarm had long gone off and the silence began suffocating him. He sunk to the floor, now crying on his knees. He knew it'd be a horrible day, every day was. With knees against his chest, he howled out his pains into the thick nothingness of his room. No one else's lived in this god forsaken home.

His father hated him, and his brother laughed along with the others. Both blamed him for his mother's untimely death, and none wished to see his monstrous face. His father simply despised him. He was disgusted by him, while his brother longed to destroy everything, like he had once done. After all, it was his fault their mother died. A birth complication. She wanted him to live, and gave up her life in order for his utterly miserable one to be birthed. He didn't want it. If he could go back, he'd tell her to kill him. He'd have told her to save herself and let him die, but he couldn't. More tears fell. His own family was disgusted by him. They didn't love him, no one did. Nails dug their way into his scalp, causing more bleeding in an attempt to distract his body from the aching in his heart. If only this were temporary, if only this pain ended, but it never did. Oh how it never truly did. He wallowed in pity and shame, he basked in the pain of loneliness and abandon. The alarm began to go off on his cracked, old phone. It startled him from his pain long enough to remind him that today was yet another Monday which meant another day of pain. Staggering to his feet, he stumbled and moved around, not caring if he stepped on a razor or wrapper. If he bled, at least it was external pain rather than internal. Clothes were messily thrown over his grotesque body before he wobbled over to the mirror again, rubbing away the remains of tears. Slowly, his mouth opened,

"Alfred Jones, you are one hell of a disgusting piece of shit."

Heya! How do you like the first chapter of the book? I know it's worded weirdly but I thought it sounded nicer like this! I hope you guys enjoy this story as much as my last! 😊 Thank you on the overwhelming support on the other! I love you guys!

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